The Post-Verdict Polls Have Spoken

Polling is part propaganda and so-called experts’ “wild a55 guesses”, so take them with a grain of salt. Still, the post-verdict polls are worth noting when balanced with common sense.

The polls indicate that Americans realize that Democrats fabricated charges against Trump. And in doing so, Democrats managed to offend the voters who normally don’t pay attention. Thus, their stunt in NYC with the guilty Trump verdict has proven to be a shallow victory.

The gamble of Democrats on this sham verdict was to shift the electorate enough to justify cheating Biden back into office. Imagine the fear of a man that you would sabotage his rightful second term (again), and cheat a demented crook back into office for a second illegitimate term. You can bet that Democrats polled on who could replace Biden, and laughably they can’t find anyone who can defeat this clown.

The only post-verdict poll that seem to hurt Trump is Reuters/Ipsos poll.

One in 10 registered GOP voters said Trump’s felony conviction for falsifying business records would make them less likely to support him for president, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll that closed on Friday. The two-day poll was conducted hours after a jury in Manhattan on Thursday found Trump guilty on all counts brought against him by District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The poll also found that a majority of Republican voters, 56%, said the outcome of the case would have no effect on their vote and 35% said they were even more likely to support Trump, who maintains his obvious innocence.

Among independent registered voters, 25% said Trump’s conviction made them less likely to support him in November, compared to 18% who said they were more likely and 56% who said the conviction would have no impact on their decision.

The Reuters/Ipsos survey wrongly showed Biden and Trump nevertheless remain in a tight race. The poll indicates that 41% of voters would vote for Biden if the election were held today and 39% would pick Trump. Total BS.

Frankly, this poll pretty much indicates status quo–Trump crushes Biden, yet writes like a Biden puff piece. Biden isn’t ahead of Trump in any legitimate poll, period.

Now the bad news for Democrats

An ABC News/Ipsos poll released earlier this month found that 80% of Trump supporters said they would continue to support him even if he was convicted. This proves my “stickiness” theory with Trump. And I contend that no politician today competes with Trump in this area.

While 16% said they’d reconsider their support, that doesn’t mean they would abandon Trump. Frankly, I’m quite sure the majority of this group would stick with Trump.

Finally, only 4% said they’d no longer support him. But would they really abandon Trump to vote for Biden? Again, I’m skeptical. Far too many people see this verdict for what it is.


I’m not seeing many videos to counter the one above.

A YouGov poll proves to be a wash for the most part. This poll was conducted in the wake of the verdict and reported that 27% of voters said the conviction made them less likely to vote for Trump, while 26% said they were more likely to vote for him and 39% said the verdict “makes no difference” in how they’ll vote.

So in other words, those who don’t like Trump still don’t like Trump, those who do like Trump still like Trump.

What should we be polling?

Imagine this poll: “Would you vote for Biden when it’s proven that he and his family sold out America to the Ukrainians, the Russians, and the Chinese?”

As for post-verdict polling, how about making Americans aware of the criminal justice system? How many Americans would be in prison now under the same circumstances as those of Hunter Biden?

Poll Americans and ask if they believe they would be free and living the lush life if there were video evidence of their drug use, illegal business dealings involving America’s enemies, and sex trafficking against them?

Polls are propaganda, and yet the Republicans never seem to use propaganda the right way. The truth too can be used as a weapon. So asking the public about the Bidens makes for great polling of the truth. Also, the same is true about the DOJ, with specific emphasis on the FBI.

How about polling on Biden’s policies?

Because right now the border makes for great post-verdict polling. Next, inflation makes for great polling. Perhaps the best polling involves Biden’s mental health.

Finally, let’s poll on Alvin Bragg, Letitia James, and Jack Austin. How do you think Americans feel about those jackasses?

Let’s publish those polls, and you can bet Democrats will reconsider their post-verdict polling strategy.



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