The Scariest Takeaways from Trump's Bronx Rally

The fallout from Trump’s Bronx rally continues. Behind the scenes, Democrats now work to find Bronx rally damage control.

Democrats claim ad nauseum that Trump and the MAGA movement followers are dangerous, even deadly. In fact, they use this lie to support their so-called pursuit of the greater good.

Smollett, #TeamKJ, #KevinJacksonConsider the public service Jussie Smollett performed to raise the awareness of conservative violence by arranging an attack on himself. Smollett impugned two supposed Trump supporters as racist, homophobic bigots, and Leftists overwhelmingly believed him–without one drop of proof.

All it took was Smollett’s word to condemn MAGA supporters. And even as his story began to unravel, he and many others stuck to it.

Democrats make the same claims of Trump supporters at big conservative marches and rallies.

Look at that vicious lies of January 6, where the Biden administration DOJ and other Leftists seeded the crowd with Democrat-controlled groups like Antifa, BLM, and the FBI. Many of these Leftists were spotted changing into Trump-logoed gear, then raising hell at otherwise peaceful marches.

Democrats seem to forget how dangerous they are. Take their cities for example. A Democrat-controlled city is one of the most dangerous places on earth. Yet Trump took his message straight into one of these Leftist-created hell holes.

If the narrative holds, then Trump’s Bronx rally should have been a bloodbath.

Growing up Black, I can tell you that one the most dangerous place in the world to be is in the womb of a Black Leftist woman. But the second most dangerous place to be is around Leftist Blacks.

I have seen guns pulled at my family reunions. As crazy as it sounds, my grandmother took me and my brother to a shootout between my uncle and his brother-in-laws.

Bronx damage control, bronx rallyAll this, and Trump held a rally in the Bronx. That’s some boss sh*t right there. Because Trump can control his non-Black folks; but the jury was still out on his Black supporters.

Against all odds, a rally attended by enough Blacks and Latinos to remake West Side Story 50 times, there was no violence. It was so quiet from a violence perspective you could hear the muffled cries of the Democratic Party.

Among the poorest of New Yorkers and in one of the most crime-riddled areas, and Trump proved that he could bring peace.

Trump’s Bronx Rally had no pander.

Another thing absent from this rally was political rhetoric. Trump changed nothing about this rally from others, despite the demographic. No pandering speeches using a thick New York accent, Latino, or Black accent. No Southern drawl. Trump remained Trump.

To the people of the Bronx, Trump simply discussed the problems with Democrats. And there are many. Trump made it clear to New Yorkers that they have been heard.

After that, he added a message of hope. A quest to Make America Great Again.

Let’s not forget that counter-protest to Trump’s Bronx Rally:


After all the media appearances of AOC and promises of New York Democrats, the anti-Trump protest fizzled. As I look at the coverage from this crowd, I thought to myself, “They couldn’t even pay people enough to protest against Trump.”

The Trump counter-protest reminded me of something. What was it? Hmm. Oh yes, A BIDEN RALLY!

Look at those poor torture souls, waiting on the buses from Black churches to save their little protest. I guess they didn’t get the memo that Black Democrats left the building and told the LGBTQ+ to be sure to turn off the lights when they come over to the ReTrumplicans.


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