Trump Campaign Fundraising Crushing Biden

Money rules the world. So when you want to know what’s really happening in almost anything, just stick to the age-old adage: follow the money.

And if you follow the campaign money, you get a clear picture of the Presidential Campaign of 2024.

While Democrats hoped that their targeting, persecution, and ultimate railroading of former President Trump would end his political hopes, the money declared differently.

Nearly $53 million came in the 24 hours after the verdicts that saw the presumptive Republican presidential nominee become the first-ever former or sitting U.S. president convicted of a crime. Clearly Americans saw that verdict for what it was. Thus, Trump raised more in a day in May than Biden raised in a month, as the Biden camp brought in $51 million.

The total haul for Team Trump in May was $76 million in May, with the $53 million in a single day towards the end of the month. And while that one glorious fundraising day raised eyebrows with Team Biden, bad news for Biden didn’t end there. Because inside those Trump numbers tells the real story.

Estimates are that six million new donors gave money to Trump. The surge in donations was so intense that WinRed — an online platform for giving to Republicans — even temporarily crashed. According to Eric Trump, millions of first-time donors added to the Trump coffers.

And what about the billionaires?

Donald Trump’s campaign said it raised nearly $300 million in May as it benefited from a new surge of support among small-dollar donors on top of an existing strength with billionaires.

Based on these numbers, billionaires more than matched the donations made by the millions of small Trump donors.

But the equally sizable big-money tally was a reflection of a host of wealthy Americans — Blackstone (BX) CEO Stephen A. Schwarzman and oil executive Harold Hamm, to name just two — offering new support for Trump recently.

“To name just two”, they reported. Because there are lots more than “just two”.

Trump’s Super PAC raised nearly $69 million in May, including a $50 million donation from billionaire businessman Timothy Mellon.

And then there were three. But wait,

The verdict last week also pushed at least some business elites to donate. Sequoia partner Shaun Maguire announced a $300,000 donation on social media immediately after the verdict.

“I’m prepared to lose friends,” he wrote in an extended post about how he moved from being a Hillary Clinton supporter in 2016 to backing Trump today.

And Trump himself is making the case to these billionaires and their financial interests. Report after report — many from the Washington Post’s Josh Dawsey — have documented a slew of promises that Trump is reportedly making to wealthy executives, both for their bottom lines and their businesses.

Interesting that Maguire declared that he is “prepared to lose friends”. In other words, “Friends be damned where my money is concerned”.

Biden raised $85 million in May and had $212 million cash on hand. Impressive numbers when not compared to Trump who outraised him 3-to-1, and soon will have a larger war chest.

June isn’t over and Trump is registering massive numbers. Just the other day the Winklevoss twins each donated $1 million to Trump.

And while Trump gets earned media worth millions, Biden is spending like a ghetto lottery winner.

He is running through cash fast. Yet, it’s having no impact on the numbers. So what’s to be expected in the next few months?

More aggressive spending by Biden in his campaign’s attempt to propagandize serious issues. The border invasion has metastasized as ordinary American citizen understand where they rank in comparison to illegals.

Bidenflation continues to crush the finances of everyday Americans, particularly the elderly.

Add Ukraine, the crime problem Biden ignores, Biden’s obviously failing health, and his corruption, and you get a cocktail of Democrat voter apathy.

Biden fights lots of battles on lots of fronts. And let’s not forget the impending doom of the debate.

June 27 marks a critical event for Biden, as he debates Trump with rules skewed to put Biden in the best light possible. But it won’t matter.

Van Jones was interviewed by CNN and said the following:

“This is the entire election, as far as I’m concerned. The entire world will be watching,” Jones said Thursday in an interview with CNN’s Jim Acosta. “If you are a carbon-based life form, you’re going to be watching. If you’ve got a functioning brain stem, you’re going to be watching.”

“Because, if Biden goes out there and messes up, it’s game over. If he walks out there, and a week later he’s lower in the polls, it’s panic in the party,” he continued. “But if he goes in there and he can handle himself against Donald Trump — a runaway train, a locomotive, a raging bull — then this guy deserves another shot to be president, because that is tough.”

Trend lines.

May marked the second month in a row where the Trump operation appears to have out-raised Biden’s. And June will mark the third month. That trend line won’t bode well for Biden

Next, as Biden’s health continues to fade and his missteps become more glaring, Democrats will admit to seeing the writing on the wall.

There simply isn’t enough money for Biden to defeat Trump, and Democrats can’t rely on a 3am synchronous cheat to work either. The public is on to the game.

In the end, the election will follow the money.


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