Trump Passes Biden in Major Milestone

Donald Trump sent a shot over the bow to the Biden campaign, which undoubtedly has Team Biden seriously concerned.

USA Facts reports that as of May 9, 2024, Biden had raised $55 million more than former President Trump and had outspent him by over $15 million. Today, if you’re watching any television or paying attention to other media, you likely have seen the endless stream of Biden commercials. The spend is astronomical.

We won’t have the numbers for this quarter for a while, but you can bet that Biden is outspending Trump by much larger margins than he did up to May 9. Contrast this with Trump’s spending strategy. Earned media.

In 2016, The Street estimated Trump’s earned media to be almost $5 billion.

Donald Trump didn’t spend nearly as much on advertising as typical presidential candidates, and he didn’t have to — he relied on billions of dollars of free mentions in media ranging from major TV news networks to Buzzfeed and Twitter instead.

The real estate magnate got $4.96 billion in free earned media in the year leading up to the presidential election, according to data from tracking firm mediaQuant. He received $5.6 billion throughout the entirety of his campaign, more than Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio combined.

Imagine what Trump’s earned media is worth today? One thing is certain: Trump passed Biden in this area.

As evidenced, the 34 indictments of Trump had the exact opposite effect the Democrats hoped. In a single day in May Trump outraised Biden for the entire month. And this didn’t include over $50 million given to a Trump Super PAC by a single donor.

And while Trump’s fundraising inevitably will slow down, it will continue to outpace Biden through the rest of the election cycle. Trump’s biggest fundraising ally? Biden.

Biden’s big spend on commercials promote propaganda the public isn’t buying. Frankly, I’m amazed at the Democrats’ marketing strategy for Biden, because it serves as a reminder of his failing. Believe it or not, Biden is promoting the economy. And he’s asking Americans to “invest” in him.

The return-on-investment is too weak to continue to invest in Biden.

But Biden received worse news, post-verdict. Savings.

According to Yahoo Finance, Trump has overtaken Biden in campaign savings.

By June 1, according to new campaign finance filings released Thursday, Trump’s campaign bank account had ballooned to $116.6 million and overtaken Biden’s $91.6 million.

The surge capped a remarkably quick turnabout for Trump, who had trailed in this critical metric by more than $40 million just two months prior.

Any thoughts on how fundraising will look at the end of June? Which of the candidates has momentum in both fundraising and positive earned media?

I Googled “problems ahead for Biden” and this was the result:

Look at those headlines:

Biden has problems with young voters, 3rd-party gains, and Democrats are in full-blown “freakout”? My favorite: Why Democrats think Biden’s problem is Biden. Ouch.

The split in political fortunes between the president and other Democrats has grown unmistakably clear to party leaders, laying plain the degree to which Biden’s problems appear to be Biden-specific. Interviews with Democratic lawmakers, strategists and former party officials in Washington and the states found Democrats increasingly willing to acknowledge that the president’s political difficulties are anchored in Biden’s individual vulnerabilities — including his age, his inconsistent messaging and his dismal support among young people.

Next, look at the media sources: NPR, USA Today, and Politico. This is not some right-wing conspiracy of Republicans or conservative media outlets.

And while Biden has his problems, all Democrats are under fire.

Media outlets report that Biden’s problems are unique to him. But that’s propaganda. As I’ve written, Democrats have conceded the presidency, and their new strategy is to cheat down ticket. They must win the House and/or Senate. However, in a fair election they would lose both.

The article continues,

There is some precedent for this split between Biden and others in his party. In the last few presidential elections, down-ballot candidates outran both Trump and President Barack Obama in their reelection bids.

Disregard the down-ballot results as it pertains to Trump. The 2020 Presidential Elections and 2022 Midterms were fraught with cheating.

Trump-supported candidates can and most likely will win down-ballot, if the RINOs back Trump. And while that remains to be seen, it’s a much better possibility than it was in 2020 when RINOs teamed with Democrats to oust Trump.

Put simply, Trump has momentum in fundraising, earned media, and track record. None of this will change between now and election time.

Nothing will change for Biden either, as he will continue to slide. Biden is not only unpopular — he is more so than both Trump and Obama were at the same point in the fourth year of their presidencies, according to Gallup.

Biden lost major support from key Democrat demographic groups from 2020, including two key blocs: Black voters and young people. Further, Republicans hold the advantage on two of the top issues of this election: the economy and immigration, both areas where Trump excelled.

In the richest campaign in U. S. history, Trump has now passed Biden in fundraising. And he has garnered billions in earned media, likely setting records.







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