Biden's Mysterious Post-Debate Behavior

Joe Biden has always been a political enigma, at least for people with common sense and brains. He’s a political waste, yet he leads the Democratic Party.

One must look hard to find anything useful Biden has brought to the America. His entire political career has been about him. Early on, Biden worked solely for the power his senate seat brought. Later in his career he focused on profiteering.

Now Biden is where he was destined to be, if he lingered too long: under the microscope.

Honestly, if Biden were truly scrutinized by political pundits and the media, he would have never become president. And if he did, by now he would have undoubtedly been removed.

Biden’s performance at the debate sparked much controversy, but not how most people think. Of course Biden bungled his performance, as expected. But he bungled it so badly that his performance now reflects on the Democrats and the apparatchiks.

What I find most intriguing after all the hoopla over Biden’s performance is what he did afterward.

According to a report from Politico, Biden got a checkup:

Biden on Wednesday evening told more than 20 Democratic governors in a private meeting that he underwent a medical checkup after last week’s debate and is fine, according to three people with knowledge of the discussion.

During an hour-long meeting prompted by intensifying concerns about his health and political viability, one governor asked Biden about his physical condition. The president mentioned having had a checkup in recent days and asserted that he remains in good health, knocking on wood for effect, according to two of those people, who were granted anonymity to describe a private meeting.

How long ago had Biden given us the report that he was healthy. To hear Biden describe himself, you might think he’s running the 100m dash for America in the Paris Olympics. And he refuses to take a cognitive test, implying that he so mentally fit the notion of taking such a test is silly, at best.

Biden explained that his rationale for his check-up was due to his lingering symptoms of the cold that went unreported to his staff and media, until after the debate ass-whooping.

Biden’s remark, according to a person familiar with the president’s schedule, was in reference to a short checkup by a White House physician in the days following the debate due to lingering symptoms from his cold. The exam, that person added, was brief and did not include any major tests.

Let’s play along with Biden’s lie.

As it turns out, the White House denied that Biden saw a doctor.


Why would anybody need a check-up from a cold…unless you are super old? Look at me, answering my own question.

But I suspect that Biden didn’t have a cold. Remove the “c” and you understand Biden’s real ailment: he’s OLD.

In what can only be deem strange post-debate behavior, Biden told the governors that he got checked out as a cover for his performance. Apparently, Biden knew he messed up. Thus, he attempted to assuage any hesitation the governors might have to endorse him.

“Don’t believe what you just saw”, he likely asked them. “It was my cold that hindered my performance.”

Do Leftist politicians take Biden seriously?

While Joe America sees what a clown Biden is, I can only imagine what insiders see. Behind the scenes, Biden must be tragic to watch.

We joke about Jill putting on his Depends and changing them when he soils them, but I believe that could be true. Further, the way she talks to Joe Biden publicly is telling. Look at this post-debate clip and assess for yourselves:

Earlier in the evening, Jill Biden had to help Joe off stage.

I speak often of Democrats choosing the weakest as their leaders, but Biden is as ridiculous as his post-debate behavior.

No civilization expecting to survive would put Biden in charge. Is the Democratic Party so lacking in competition that they concede Joe Biden to be their best?

Biden remains resolute publicly that he’s staying in the race. But smart money is on Biden dropping out. For his sake, and for the sake of Democrats.

For the sake of the nation, America won’t elect Biden or his potential replacement. We need to regain the country back, and it won’t happen by electing people willing to perpetrate the big Biden lie.

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