DEMOCRATS PANICKED: Black Voters Leaving Biden in Droves

I know this to be a fact. Black people on both sides of the political aisle feel more connected to Trump than Biden.

Yet, establishment Republicans are so busy trying to help Democrats destroy Trump, they are missing the opportunity to grow the party and destroy Democrats.

Black people have tired of the struggle. Like many white folks, we want “generational wealth”. Listen to these brothers at the barbershop discussing the black condition and who is better at solving problems.

I have many very wealthy white friends, And what I marvel at most is their generational wealth.

Having money for some time that gets passed down creates a different dynamic. You spend so much less time on the mundane things in life that you actually get to live it. Your mind is free to discover, and not mired in survival.

I have never not worried about money. Put another way, I have always worried about money.

Even when I had quite a bit more than I do today and made a comfortable living, my financial situation remained precarious. One over-extension too many and it could have been over. In fact, I remember having enough money in the bank that I felt my life was secure as long as I maintained my existing standard of living.

During that time I was in Vegas at the Bellagio and I watched a young white dude gamble $5000 a hand on 4 hands. He couldn’t lose; and he tried. He bet the money like it was Monopoly money. In 30 minutes he walked away with half a million, completely nonchalant.

Shortly after my period of feasting, my job was phased out. I changed careers to doing what I’m doing now. Within two years of leaving my job and starting this organization, I was broke. Though times were tough, I knew I had the skillset to rebuild. Not everybody comes equipped with that attitude.

I grew up around wealth, which I always felt was an advantage for me. Being exposed to wealthy people instilled a “never say die” attitude in me. But these days you don’t need to grow up around wealth to understand it. If you want it, then do the things necessary to earn it.

Now, many black youngsters at least know what generational or “legacy” wealth looks like. And they also know that Democrats don’t want blacks to have this type of wealth.

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You ain’t black

I would love to see Joe Biden visit that barber shop. Nobody there would have bought his lunacy around the Democratic Party. But how do you think Trump would have fared with those black gentlemen?

Know this: the media would never want you to witness the contrast between the two candidates. Still, you know intuitively that Trump resonates more with blacks than Biden ever could, particularly if you remove party affiliation.

Look at this man on the street video of Blacks giving their political opinions:

That was from the Bronx. But the same was true when Blacks were asked about Trump in Chicago. This news report shows the migration of the black vote from Biden to Trump:

Black voters see what’s happening.

They understand what the “border crisis” really means, in that Democrats want to marginalize the formerly secure black vote.

Fresh voters are the only solution, as Democrat policies continue ravaging the Black community. As I’ve said of Democrats, “They can’t fix your brakes, but they will make your horn louder.”




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