Democrats Position Kamala Harris to Replace Biden

Replacing Joe Biden with Kamala Harris is like buying from the bargain bin at the Dollar Store. But the Democrats have reached that point of desperation and have started to position Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden opened a real can of worms when he accepted the job of being cheated into the presidency. Because he and all other Democrats knew this day would come.

Yes, Joe Biden’s mental demise surprises nobody. Democrats and other Leftists have known of Biden’s brain dysfunction for decades. After all, how many times can they open a man’s skull before the damage shows outwardly.

Google Biden gaffes and you won’t get his many recent, almost daily gaffes. Biden misspeak dates back decades.

My favorite dates back 17 years when Biden ran against Obama. In what is likely his most racist statement, Biden brags about holding rallies in parks in the black sections of his town:


I spent last summer going to the black sections of my town holding rallies in parks trying to get black men to understand that it’s not unmanly to wear a condom, getting women to understand that they can say no, getting people in a position where testing matters.

I got tested for AIDS, I know that Barack got tested for AIDS; there’s no shame in being tested for AIDS. It’s an important thing. Because the fact of the matter is in the community, in the communities engaged in denials, they’re engaged in denial; no one wants to talk about it in the community. And we do not have enough leaders in the community and outside the community, demanding we face the reality confront the men in the community as well as the women letting them know there are alternatives.

Let’s examine Biden’s statement and lies.

First, Biden admits that there are black sections of his town. And he graces these black people with his presence. I wonder if these black people can live elsewhere in Biden’s town.

Second, does anyone really believe that Biden held rallies in the “black sections of my town”?

Third, the audacity of Biden to believe that he should lecture black men on wearing a condom. Apparently Biden believes that a white man is needed to straighten out the backwards Black men in “the black section of my [his] town”?

Forth, did Biden really accuse Black women of being promiscuous? After all he lectured them on the idea that they can say, “No,” when it comes to sex. Or perhaps he was accusing Black men of being rapists?

Fast-forward and the new-and-improved Biden is no better.

Biden is famous for his blatant stupidity. Racist comments, sexist comments, and of course his blatant lies about everything from his grades to how he met his narcissist wife.

I find it ironic that the man who saved Biden’s career by making sure he limped out of South Carolina with a primary win in 2020 now abandons him for an even more braindead moron.

While Jim Clyburn didn’t exactly kick Biden to the curb, he certainly put his boots on with this comment.

The Black Problem

Clearly Clyburn signaled that he won’t allow Democrats to bypass Harris without a fight. But then again, Black Democrat leaders, especially the Congressional Black Circus clowns like Clyburn are easily persuaded to change their minds.

Going around Harris notwithstanding, Democrats have a serious Black problem anyway. Because Trump has been peeling off Black voters for months, and the exodus is escalating. So now Democrats must decide between the half-black incompetent VP or the full-white incompetent California governor, who has been the heir-apparent to Joe Biden since 2020.

I have an idea how this plays out that appeases the Left.

The media will position Kamala Harris, and thus give her credibility which she sorely lacks. Harris’ lack of credibility is her own fault and a discussion inside Leftist circles:

With Harris’ credibility established as much as they can with such a flawed politician, I’ve predicted what happens next.

At some point likely in the very near future Biden will step aside. Obviously, Harris will replace him on the ticket, and then select Gavin Newsom as her VP. Initially, everybody wins in this scenario.

Harris becomes the first female president, and Black Leftists will be appeased to get beads for Manhattan. Black problem solve, and Newsom gets elevated politically, which is what the powers-that-be really want. But most importantly is what Harris will be instructed to do next.

She will pardon everybody in the food chain, making it impossible for Trump to get deserved retribution. Plus, Democrats get the added benefit of leaving the crooked apparatus in place to thwart Trump’s second term.

Yes, ultimately the ticket of Harris-Newsom will lose to Trump. Thus, Democrats will have conceded the presidency (they already have), and will focus down-ticket in hopes of winning the House and not losing the Senate.

What to look for

Look for Kamala Harris to play a more prominent role in the campaign. Further, watch for puff pieces on her, as the media attempt to credentialize her more. Expect the same for Newsom, though in a more subdued role than normal. And more importantly, watch to see if Newsom begins speaking highly of Harris. That will be the real “tell”.

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