Joe Biden Will Resign Soon and Here's Why

Despite being mentally ill and unable to perform his duty as “resident”, Joe Biden announced that he will remain in the race.

So what Biden kicked his own ass in the debate, though Trump did throw in a few punches for good measure. Still, Biden assured his supporters, donors, and the crooked establishment that he’s going nowhere.

As Democrats plot to implement a variety of Plan Bs to dump Biden including a potential nuclear option of the 25th Amendment, Biden remains resolute. According to the media, Biden talked his candidacy over with his family, and they agreed he should not resign. Apparently, the family likes the perks.

Given that as the backdrop, why do I say Biden is finished? Two reasons:

First, Biden is a pathological liar, and thus he says the opposite of what will really happen. By declaring he’s staying, Biden signals that he will resign soon. Some predict he will resign as early as next week.

Second, it’s not Biden’s choice on whether he stays or goes. The same people who placed him in office know how to get rid of him. Their only question is how to do dump Biden with the least disruption to The Great Reset and damage to the Democratic Party.

Step One of the salvage effort involves unleashing the media. ABC News reported this:

Democrats realize that Biden has no possibility of beating Trump, as they can’t manufacture enough votes to fool Americans twice.

As of this writing, Biden now has 31 percent approval. That’s the lowest of any president in history since they began taking polls. Simply put: Biden cannot and will not recover.

Truthfully, Biden knows he’s out. But he must pretend to fight, as that’s what a “Biden” would do. And Biden is cocky to a fault. So he must make his departure look like it’s on his terms. But trust and believe, Biden has no say in “if” he leaves; it’s just a matter of when.

Just the other day at noon, Polymarket, a platform where users can place “yes” or “no” bets on the likelihood of world events, 82 percent of users said Biden will drop out of the presidential race. That’s an all-time high. An hour later, the percentage dropped to 72. Surprisingly, today the percentage is at 66 percent. Time to place that bet.

A total of $10,249,700 has been bet since the poll was posted on September 21, 2023. Those who bet on Biden’s departure will likely be very happy soon.

The number of Democrats who have bailed on Biden shocks me.

Given what Democrats declared openly of Biden over the past couple of years, one would think he would be their “ride or die”. But that’s not the case.

Contrast the defections of today with 2020, when the opposite happened. Remember when almost all the Democrat candidates dropped out simultaneously to allow Biden to win the nomination?

People who know my work know that I look at trends, not polls. And the trend for Biden is ominous. I’m convinced that Biden will soon “fake an injury”, only his injury won’t be fake.

Go back to the night of the debate and ask yourself if you’ve ever seen the Leftist media turn on a Democrat candidate so fast. Clearly, the talking points were issued: if Biden blows it, hammer him.

The next day, the media continued bludgeoning Biden, as members of his own party joined the chorus. At one point 13 members of Congress wanted Biden to resign. That number quickly rose to 25. I have no idea what the number is now, but I know it’s a lot more than you can count on fingers and toes.

Meanwhile, the media continue their barrage. More news sources keep reporting, and from all over the world.

Biden has one card left to play. He can damage the party with his departure.

Soon some fat cat will step up to “save the democracy”. That person will bail Biden out; pay off his debts. And the party will agree to cover his soon-to-be legal fees and offer some protection. The best protection will come from the newly appointed President Kamala Harris.

With these things in place, Biden will step aside. Follow the money.


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