The Black Democrat Strategy to Make Kamala Harris President

Kamala Harris is a bigger political pariah than Joe Biden. But that doesn’t matter to Democrats, as they have finally figured out their strategy.

Now Democrats support Joe Biden. But not because they want another four years of Joe Biden. Ironically, they don’t even want a year of Kamala Harris. However, as it turns out they may not have a choice.

For the last week, Democrats have wanted Biden’s head on a stick. The elites released the hounds of hell on Biden and the media obliged. Hardly an outlet hasn’t discussed Biden disparagingly when discussing the man, post-debate.

Now suddenly many of the leadership voices shifted.

Current new sources report that former Speaker Pelosi appears to be back in the Biden corner. And when Hakeem Jeffries called a meeting with leadership the other day, dumping Biden seemed a foregone conclusion; even by the Congressional Black Circus.

However, a day later Jeffries returned to the Biden corner, like Pelosi. That’s a highly unusual move, given that these two remain the most powerful Democrats. Given Biden’s polling and continued post-debate faux pas, both Pelosi and Jeffries should continue Plan B: jettison Biden.

Nonetheless, they moved in an entirely different direction by backing Biden.

What’s happening?

A battle royale was set post-Biden. Who would take the baton from the idiot-savant who became a boat anchor to the party? Suddenly, the only solution to the problem involves Biden continuing.

Oh those horrible polls. Biden can’t catch a break. Still, other polls prove that Harris would fare worse than Biden against Trump, despite any spin to the contrary. Also, the media have been touting the “Anybody but Harris” sentiment in DC circles.

So if Biden is struggling and Harris is damaged goods, then why the shift back to Biden?

The CBC has the answer.

Harris isn’t that popular with Black Leftists. But she’s theirs to hate, not the oppositions’. And the CBC knows that Harris has no chance of being president without Biden.┬áTo put this bluntly, the best chance for Harris is if Biden stays in the race. And the CBC must pretend to care about the Black vote.

As long as Biden stays in the race, Harris has a shot. But if Biden leaves, Harris could damage Democrats for skipping over the Black candidate. And while skipping Harris would wreak havoc inside the Democratic Party, the bigger issue involves “the Black brand”. That’s what the CBC and Democrats want to protect.

Black politicians are the biggest joke in DC. And, they are the most self-serving politicians on the planet, with the biggest mouths. Essentially, they accomplished practically nothing good for Blacks, though they use the Black collective as their power base. And the Democrat elite allow this to occur.

Examine Black culture decades ago and ask yourself where things would be without the race-baiting poverty pimps who make up the CBC. The only reason to perpetuate the Negro Project strategy is to enrich the so-called leaders in the Black community. But they get very little compared to the whites who control them.

The CBC support Harris, because they need America to believe their group is relevant.

I don’t have a record of this, but I’d be willing to bet that Harris gets invited to many more Black events now, than she ever did. The CBC will ride that horse until her back gives out.

If the Black vote is perceived as shifting heavily to Republicans, Black Democrats aren’t the only ones who lose. The Democrats can win legitimately if Republicans get about 10 percent of the vote. Imagine if that vote shifts to 40 percent?

But betting on Black won’t end well for Democrats this election cycle. The Black vote has shifted enough in Trump’s direction, so much so I’m surprised Democrats chose this strategy. Then again, they are desperate.

Harris has one path to potentially win the nomination.

What happens if Biden leaves completely, either by impeachment or death? Or the 25th Amendment? Harris becomes president, and pardons everybody. How would that play for her potential nomination?



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