Hillary Clinton Gets Help Up ONE Step

It’s comical to watch Hillary Clinton these days. If you believe the press, Clinton is healthy and trustworthy. Both are lies.

Clinton supposedly had a coughing fit so bad at the White House, that the Obamas called in the White House doctor. Rumor is Hillary Clinton is so medicated, she couldn’t pass a drug test.

In this video, you can see Clinton wait on her Secret Service person to help her up ONE STEP!


We chronicled recently where Clinton had to get help DOWN two steps. Yes, DOWN, not UP!

Hillary Clinton has downplayed her health issues, even mocking Trump’s remarks about her stamina. She gloated that she was able to stand for 90 minutes during the debate. Big whoop.

What she didn’t tell America was she needed bed rest for 12 hours afterwards.

The Clinton campaign is a total scam. Aside from the lies revealed by WikiLeaks, there remain the lies of omission. If America knows and understands the truth about Hillary Clinton and her phony foundation, she’s out of the race. If America learns of the truth about her health, Clinton is out of the race. Then there is her husband. And the death of many friends.

With less than two weeks remaining in the campaign, the risks grow daily. More and more information continues to pour out, and none of it is good news for the Clintons. If Hillary Clinton were elected president (don’t worry…she won’t be), the specter of all that haunts her now, will follow.

She will be sued by the American people, and Congress will be bogged down in ethical issues related to Clinton. And then there is the health issue.

Hillary Clinton needing help up one step proves she has one foot on the grave and another on a banana peel. And Kandy Kaine waits in the wings.

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