Caught Faking News AGAIN! CNN Uses False Photo You Have to See to Believe

How do you make this big of a mistake and call yourself “the most trusted name in news?”

CNN ratings are in the tank for a reason. Nobody trust them as a “news” source.

It’s been well-documented how CNN has blatantly reported the news either wrong or worse, completely biased. We reported on CNN planting questions during the debate on ObamaCare. Further we chronicled CNN and other media malpractice since Donald Trump became president.

They have no journalistic integrity any longer, and they make no significant attempt to hide that fact. Take for example what CNN did recently.

On Monday, CNN released an image of eight former top U.S. officials who we were told support the opposition to President Trump’s temporary travel order. The image included a picture of John McLaughlin, host of the “The McLaughlin Group” public affairs show, who died last year.

One must presume that CNN meant to post a picture of the former CIA Director of the same name.

The mistake was caught.


Needless to say this is hugely embarrassing.

The graphic was likely put together by some 20-something Millennial who wouldn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt. However these days that Millennial makes up most editorial staffers at the lamestream media

I can see some “blogger” making this mistake, as many mistook Jon Favreau, the former political speechwriter the Hollywood actor and producer. I get it.

But for CNN to make such a mistake only goes to reinforce what President Trump has complained about when he declared his run for the presidency. One would think CNN would clean up its act, however they only seem to be getting worse.

The news outlet that calls itself, “The most trusted name in news,” is quite the contrary. Certainly most Conservative Americans find CNN and other mainstream media sources less qualified than many blogs and alternative media outlets. The formerly trusted media only reports DNC and other Leftist organization approved narratives.

In the past the public may not have noticed. However those days are over, as the last election proved.

trump-with-bibleCNN brags that it’s the “world leader in online news and information delivery.” I didn’t bother to look up the stats, so I won’t debate it. If indeed they get more clicks, they could be the leader, just not in news. Fake news or click bait, but not news.

The outlet lies about president Trump, and Conservative positions on just about every topic. By the most lax journalistic standards, CNN would be considered drivel.

You can bet that soon all the fake news mainstream “media” outlets will understand that President Trump will hold them accountable. And so will the public, who has finally seen through the ruse.

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