Did Obama Visit Hawaiian Judge Who Ruled Against Trump

Did Obama Visit Hawaiian Judge Who Ruled Against Trump

Just 48 hours before a Hawaii judge ruled against Trump’s Temporary Refugee Ban, Obama paid a surprise visit.

Given that Hawaiian Judge Derrick Watson rendered a 43-page decision within two hours, it’s pretty obvious. This ruling may be part of the shadow government trying to undermine Trump.

Was this really Obama’s surprise agenda in Hawaii?

According to Jim Hoft:

Coming off a string of high-profile meetings, former President Barack Obama made an unannounced return to Hawaii Monday.

Just three months removed from his last official holiday visit as president, Obama was spotted dining at Buzz’s Lanikai Monday night.

Local Democrats tried “their best to keep it under wraps the whole day.”

Of course, this rendezvous is only one in a series of secret meetings. As we previously noted, Obama met with billionaire Warren Buffet Sunday. Then he flew to Silicon Valley to meet with tech giants.

Some say this shows Obama is indeed building a shadow government. Obama went to school with Judge Watson and appointed him to his post.

Anyway, after meeting with Buffet, Silicon Valley, then likely the Hawaiian Judge, suddenly Judge Watson announced that he believes the immigration order discriminates on the basis of nationality.

As Judge Watson ruled, he believes Somalis and Yemenis have the same constitutional rights as American citizens.

Hawaiian Judge WatsonWe are supposed to count on our judicial system to be quick and efficient. However, the speed of this case was uncanny.

Two hours after the case was filed, a 43-page decision was rendered?

It takes longer to read a Dr. Seuss book. It took Dr. Seuss longer to type The Cat in the Hat.

Consider this: if a decision of that magnitude can be whipped up that fast, why is there EVER a backlog in our courtrooms?

As with all things Obama, we may never know the real inner workings. But we know that Obama is a snake in the corn field. Until President Trump destroys Obama with great works or turning the government loose on him, Obama will remain a troublemaker.

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