MEET FAT JARED: Mayor of Berkeley Says Riots in Berkeley are Trump’s Fault

MEET FAT JARED: Mayor of Berkeley Says Riots in Berkeley are Trump’s Fault

Leftists take the blame for nothing they do. They are programmed to point the finger at the nearest person and hope that person is a Conservative.

The lack of accountability by Leftists can be dizzying. When one considers their behavior, 6-years olds making excuses for pooping their pants comes to mind.

Everything Liberals Do is Trump's FaultA perfect example of 6-year old pooping his pants is the Leftist mayor of Berkeley, California. The mayor blames President Trump’s supporters for the violent riots that occurred against Conservatives in “Thug Haven, CA.” Ironically, this was to be a “free speech” rally.

As we’ve learned in America and particularly these Leftist Utopias like Berkeley, free speech comes at a price.

Leftist terrorists and anarchists interrupt pro-Trump demonstrations with extreme violence, yet Mayor Jesse Arreguin blames Trump supporters?

And the Democrats wonder why Hillary Clinton lost. They wonder why Obama lost over 1,000 Democrat offices during his tenure.

Along with being the mayor of a city of Leftist thugs and hooligans, Arreguin supports of BAMN; the alt-Left Antifa group that wages their leftist war against conservatives.

BAMN stands for “By All Means Necessary.” BAMN and ANTIFA represent violent extremist “revolutionary” groups, and are essentially the new KKK of the Democrats.

The concept of free speech has morphed into ONE-speech for Leftists. They have a zero tolerance policy of going against their narratives.

Their fallback position with their narrative fails–which is always–is to blame the other side.

At Berkeley, we learned that even law-enforcement ignored the terrorists. Remember, the police only allow what their overseers say. The mayor undoubtedly told them to stand down, and they did.

Conservatives had their bags and persons searched, while Antifa gangs menaced with immunity.

Countless observers at the latest Trump rally said that very few police were in attendance. And those that were stood down, and gave liberal thugs room to destroy.

Nothing new.

Remember in Chicago as the Democrats stormed a potential Trump event. While these Leftists beat and terrorized Trump supporters, the Leftist media reported the melee as Trump’s fault.

How so? Trump and his supporters are at fault for showing their love of America, and supporting the candidate who, by the way, eventually won.

Let’s just go ahead and say it. The next carjacking in some urban armpit of a city will be Donald Trump’s fault. The next murder on the South Side of Chicago where some black moron shoots an innocent black will be Trump’s fault.

Such is the Leftist fairy tale.

Thus, the mayor of Berkeley told the LA Times:

“We’re a surrogate for the resistance against the Trump administration certainly, and for progressive values. It’s not lost on me that I’m Berkeley’s first Latino mayor. I have been outspoken against the Trump administration. I have to wonder if the mayor was white, would we see such hate.”

Here’s a suggestion, America. Let’s stop FUNDING THE RESISTANCE.

Berkeley is an eyesore of American history and a cancer on the body politic. The university personifies evil past and present.

Eventually, the mayor and other America-hating Leftists will get people killed. Conservatives will begin protecting ourselves and we will win this civil war of sorts. After all, we have God on our side for sure.

As many of the Berkeley protesters found out, some Conservatives are willing to fight, and we know how.

Believe me when I say that the ship will be righted. The Left continue to pretend they won, but they certainly did not. Give these toddlers on the Left another year, and we will have them crying like babies. They will be forced to admit we were right and that Trump is a very good president.

And perhaps Berkeley will rid itself of Fat Jared and find a Conservative mayor.

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