BLAME TRUMP: Marc Lamont Hill Democrats NOT To Blame for Democrat-Run Cities

BLAME TRUMP: Marc Lamont Hill Democrats NOT To Blame for Democrat-Run Cities

Check out the logic of “professor” Marc Lamont Hill who says: Democrats aren’t to blame for problems in Democrat-controlled cities.

If this is the case, then who is?

Well, there are Conservatives and…{evil music here} DONALD TRUMP!
In a CNN interview last week, Hill explained:

Democrats are not to blame“There’s a difference between correlation and causality. I agree, there’s a connection between these very poor places and democratic machines, but being democrat doesn’t cause you to be poor, being liberal doesn’t cause you to be poor. There’s a bunch of top-down policies that enable this to happen.

In a place like Ferguson, for example, the flight of jobs is far more important, the destruction of public housing is far more influential than who the city councilman is, or who the mayor is. Although that’s not a black majority. Same thing in Baltimore. Again, we need a new way out, but the new way out isn’t to just crack down on Democrats and bring Republicans in. We need new policies that bring in jobs, that bring in investment, and that change the relationship between police and community.”

Although Hill has some basis in truth in his theory, he doesn’t discuss the reason for the flight of jobs or the destruction of public housing.


Hill uses correlation and causality (causation would have been more correct) as intellectual soundbites but won’t go into detail about either. And the fact is correlation can indeed be directly related to causation.

For example, the observation that thunder follows lightning. Or the correlation of the moon influencing the tides. These are facts.

We aren’t talking about nonsense, like Democrats as president create economic booms. Now that would be a fallacy.

Former Secret Service agent and current candidate for congress in Florida Dan Bongino tried to explain as much in the same interview.

“These communities have been ruled monopolistically by far left big government liberals for decades. In some cases since the ’20s and ’30s. These communities have been driven into the ground. I mean, you don’t have to be a scientist to look at the evidence, the correlational evidence right in front of you. Liberalism correlates with poverty and high crime every single place it’s been tried.”

In other words, there is indisputable correlation and causation with large cities and black angst.

Look at the statistics of large cities and you will find a disproportionate population of minorities than the rest of the country. In many big cities, blacks and/or Hispanics outnumber non-blacks significantly.

In Baltimore, Maryland, the population has dropped 30 percent from 1970 to 2000. The current population as of July 2015 is roughly 622,000 people. White represent just over 29 percent of the population, blacks almost 64 percent.

Almost 25 percent of the city lives in poverty.

According to Forbes, Baltimore was the 7th worst city in America for crime.

Here is what I wrote of the black female mayor of Baltimore to describe her stellar record in Baltimore, after announcing a $1 billion improvement project for the city:

Rawlings-Blake will do about anything at this point to keep people’s minds off her actual record as mayor of Baltimore. In a recent interview, she actually tries to appear optimistic, as if she’s just realizing that she has a job.

NINE new buildings, same people. And these same people are realizing the ineffectiveness of yet another black leader who promises everything and delivers nothing.

In essentially the same environs at the nine soon-to-be renovated buildings, there are 17,000 vacant homes in Baltimore. This is the “Freddie Gray” area, where the neighborhoods are war zones, and the very reason why the city’s attorney, Moseby,  instructed cops to add extra policing to those high crime areas.

Since the Freddie Gray incident, crime has escalated, with what has been described as a wave of arson, looting and open confrontations with riot police.

The Freddie Gray incident cost the taxpayers of Baltimore over $30 million. And it’s not like Baltimore has that kind of money laying around.

While Rawlings-Blake was fighting for gay marriage, and making Baltimore a sanctuary city for illegals–yes, following Obama’s Liberal agenda–Baltimore suffered rampant unemployment, dismal housing, and poor education. And let’s never forget about the racial strife, as there are still a few white people left in Baltimore to point the finger at.

To sum this up, while Rawlings-Blake was greasing the skids for illegals and the LGBTQ community, 64 percent of her residents were neglected.

And then there was that “police problem” in Baltimore that the Left conveniently ignored. I guess there weren’t enough signs?

It is the police department created and controlled for decades by Democratic progressive politicians that has committed the atrocities against the people who have been electing these progressives year after year. Baltimore has a corrupt, reckless, out of control police department enabled by a crooked and incompetent Baltimore politicians. The rap sheet for Baltimore’s finest is long:

  • Police commissioner Ed Norris was sent to prison on corruption charges (2004)

  • Two detectives were sentenced to 454 years in prison for dealing drugs (2005)

  • An officer was dismissed after being videotaped verbally abusing a 14-year-old and then failing to file a report on his use of force against the same teenager (2011)

  • An officer was been fired for sexually abusing a minor (2014)

  • The city paid a quarter-million-dollar settlement to a man police illegally arrested for the non-crime of recording them at work with his mobile phone.

The point? IDemocrats ignored the police problem in Baltimire, not Donald Trump. And if you think I’m picking on Baltimore, then don’t get me talking about CHICAGO!

Mayor Rahm Emanuel certainly has an interesting take on crime in the streets and how to solve it!

So Who Is To Blame for Urban Angst?

Reagan or Trump? Maybe Casper the Friendly Ghost or poltergeists?

But then again, let’s not jump to conclusions, as there remain other possibilities. For example, Democrat-run cities could have fallen prey to the one-armed man who killed Dr. Richard Kimble’s wife in The Fugitive.

Or perhaps the villain is much more sinister, say Vladimir Putin?

After all, the Russians are tricky. Remember they planted that private server in Hillary’s bathroom closet. Then those crafty bastards hired a private IT staff to monitor it, so they could steal classified information. Talk about a drive-by that left a community ravaged with bodies in the street.

Ok, it was the Russians. And of course, they were in cahoots with Donald Trump.

Russia and Trump colluded to get white people and their companies to abandon America’s inner cities and hit the suburbs. They took their prosperity and their “whiteness” with them and left only the vestige of white privilege behind.

By the way, anybody looked at the infrastructure left behind? Talk about squandered.

“White flight’ left cities with amazing buildings and infrastructure. Then Democrats took over and, “there goes the neighborhood.”

Who couldn’t make a city successful, after white people leave billions of dollars in infrastructure? ISIS did pretty well when Obama left them billions, and they are goat-humping Neanderthals.

When it comes to American cities, Democrat ruin them in all sizes. Look at iconic Selma.

The irony is that though everything has changed in Selma, nothing has really changed in Selma, despite the hoopla. Selma was freed by Republicans, and then placed in the hands of Democrats.

The outcome is horrendous, as Selma is a cesspool, literally and figuratively. All Selma has done is flip.

Let’s be clear, Democrats are to blame for Democrats’ problems in the inner cities. No matter from where Democrats hail, they reside in an echo chamber of ignorance. Correlation meet causation.

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