Breaking: Clinton’s Top Official is Next to Testify

Breaking: Clinton’s Top Official is Next to Testify

John Podesta will take the hot seat before Congress.

In consideration of this, one thought came to my mind: The Wall by Pink Floyd. Because if Podesta tells the truth, Clinton’s wall will come tumbling down.

John Podesta #kevinjacksonJohn Podesta became a household name during the election. Most of his notoriety stems from leaked emails Wikileaks recovered.

Droves of incriminating messages dampened Hillary’s run for the White House. Often, Podesta’s words were used to cut Hillary to the quick.

Now, Podesta will sit before the House Intelligence Committee and tell his side of the Russian meddling narrative.

According to CNN:

Podesta will be one of the committee’s first major witnesses to meet with the panel behind closed doors as it tries to determine the extent of the Russian involvement in last year’s campaign and whether any of President Donald Trump’s associates coordinated with the Russians.

Truth vs Leftism

We know what Podesta should admit to. However, leftism and honesty aren’t synonymous.

Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz just went on record to say Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security lied under oath. If Jeh Johnson lies under oath, what makes Podesta any more trustworthy? Podesta previously implied that a conspiracy in the FBI formed to bring down Clinton’s campaign. That doesn’t quite align with the testimony that Loretta Lynch was willing to whitewash the campaign and protect Hillary at all costs. However, Podesta asserts the FBI wanted Clinton to lose. He even blamed the timing of Comey’s investigation announcement for Hillary’s loss. However, the testimony is likely to focus on Podesta’s email leaks.

According to Breitbart:

The email leak came as a result from Podesta’s misunderstanding with a campaign official who told him to reset his password after receiving a “phishing” email scam. The leak was also the source of the “PizzaGate” conspiracy theory that claimed Podesta and Clinton were a part of a secret Washington, D.C., pedophilia ring.

Podesta Scandals

As we pointed out months ago, the Russian scandal trail keeps leading back to the Left. In addition to PizzaGate, Podesta is the center of several other scandals.

For example, his brother accepted a $170,000 bribe from a Russian bank.

The money bought meetings with State Department officials. Additionally, Podesta’s lobbying aimed at both Congress and the Executive branch. More so, Podesta was key in removing sanctions against Sberbank and VTB Capital, Russia’s second largest bank.

Further, the Gateway Pundit pointed out:

Hillary Clinton’s Creepy Campaign Manager John Podesta has a history of seedy and alleged illegal activity.  The late Andrew Breitbart, entrepreneur and creator of knew this back in 2012 (warning on language):


Breitbart was clearly ahead of his time.

During the election, mainstream media avoided cracking open John Podesta’s emails, even after Wikileaks outlined the massive corruption they prove. Undoubtedly, Podesta is the creator of the Russian narrative that keeps wasting time and money in our Congressional session. However, the question now is will Podesta testify truthfully, or does ‘under oath’ mean anything these days?

Will Podesta own up to his master plan involving the Russians? No. And the Left will dig a deeper hole for themselves.

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