President Trump Winning: Leftists SUE FOR ACCESS to Tweets

President Trump Winning: Leftists SUE FOR ACCESS to Tweets

For those who wonder how effective Twitter is, check this out.

Be still my heart. Leftists are suing to contact the president on Twitter. Talk about Trump WINNING!

Apparently, President Trump’s tactic of blocking haters on Twitter leaves leftists butt-hurt.

These safe-space seeking anti-American a-holes block conservatives for daring to question their sanity. We aren’t even mean-spirited when we ask logical questions, and the “trigger-warned” leftists run for the hills, aka block you on Twitter.

I find it laughable that these self-proclaimed “First Amendment advocates” at Columbia University are suing President Trump for access to him on Twitter. They claim he can’t block critics on Twitter, as it’s their First Amendment right to have access.

Just because the president uses his God-given First Amendment right to speak out on Twitter doesn’t mean he must allow brain-dead leftists to have access to his tweets and ultimately him.

President Trump uses Twitter as his weapon of mass destruction for the lamestream media, and this vexes the Left.

However, their frustration in no way entitles them to access to his account. 

Yet, in the world of safe spaces and trigger words, leftists feel otherwise. And as reported by NBC,

The Manhattan federal court lawsuit from the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University cited seven individuals rejected by Trump or his aides after criticizing the president. Besides Trump, the lawsuit also named as defendants White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Dan Scavino, White House director of social media.

Jameel Jaffer, the institute’s director, said dozens of people reached out after his organization told the White House three weeks ago that it wasn’t permitted to block individuals from following the president’s 8-year-old @realdonaldtrump account . . . A federal judge in Washington, D.C., recently ruled that a local official’s Facebook account was a public forum under the First Amendment, but higher courts have not yet addressed the issue, Jaffer said . . . The lawsuit asks a judge to stop Trump and his media team from blocking critics from following his personal account, which has 33 million followers, 14 million more than @POTUS and 19 million more than @WhiteHouse.

Take a look at what angered these “First Amendment advocates.”

Trump’s people blocked one who tweeted that Russia won the election for Trump. Memo to leftists: Russia was in cahoots with Hillary Clinton.

Next, Trump cut off another guy who called the president a “Corrupt Incompetent Authoritarian.” Memo to leftists: Barack Obama is corrupt to his core, and Trump will expose that soon enough.

President Trump has no responsibility to tolerate imbeciles. Is the president supposed to suffer name-calling, denigrating images, fake news?

According to (and anybody with common sense), the First Amendment doesn’t grant the right to free speech in a forum “owned by somebody else.”

“They’re entitled to kick you out, delete what you’ve said, change it, anything.”

Here, here!

Regardless, leftists sue for the right to STALK!

These plaintiffs are trolls. They essentially sue for the right to electronically stalk the president of the United States. Perhaps they sense that the days of leaks are ending.

But the larger issue may be how “opposite world” these idiots are. They live in Bizarro World where when you dislike somebody, you want more of them. In the real world where we choose our friends and our politics, we tend to distance ourselves from those we don’t want in our lives. In social media circles, you unfollow or unfriend.  I’m willing to bet that the majority of conservatives (real Americans) didn’t follow Barack Obama. And based on his Twitter followers, the majority of leftists didn’t either. Obama’s use of Twitter was mostly for self-aggrandizement, and had little entertainment value, if any.

President Trump understood the power of Twitter and he decided to use the social media platform to undo the media. That’s his prerogative. However, the lawsuit claims blocking people on Twitter is unconstitutional, when done by the president.

What of Instagram? Facebook? Skype? Social media platforms to be developed?

A horse named Leftist walks into a bar. The bartender asks, “Why the long face, Leftist?”

Twitter has evened the playing field for President Trump when dealing with the media. Leftists are livid that Trump has unraveled the media to such an extent.

Recall their outrage when President Trump tweeted about “fake news” with CNN’s logo superimposed in a mock fight scene. Trump didn’t create the video, but he did retweet it. Any idea how much more reach that video got, simply because President Trump tweeted it?

Just as these leftist lunatics went after conservative talk radio and the internet, they use the same tactic to poke at the president. The outcome is a foregone conclusion.

Here’s some real irony. Twitter doesn’t care about the president’s safety as we reported a while back.

Twitter took to the courts in an effort to conceal the identity of users opposed to President Trump. Then, the Leftist social media giant sued the Department of Homeland Security.

And you wonder why the president blocks leftists?

Leftists are dangerous. Don’t believe me, ask Congressman Scalise or the multitude of Trump supporters paying hospital bills because Obamacare was a bust.

In short, Trump is WINNING. And so is America.


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