HYSTERICAL: Katy Perry Selling Concert Tickets On Groupon

HYSTERICAL: Katy Perry Selling Concert Tickets On Groupon

Apparently, things are not just bad for Johnny Depp and Alyssa Milano. It seems that many in Hollywood experience bad financial news.

We warned them to stop the Trump hate. But they didn’t listen. And now America strikes back.

Starbucks felt it, as did Target. Now, the wrath of Conservative America has hit the entertainment industry in the pocketbook.

Katy Perry may be the latest casualty. It appears that the mega superstar isn’t so mega anymore. Perry can’t fill seats for her new tour, so she has resorted to selling concert tickets on Groupon.

Yes Groupon, the discount website people go to for deals and steals.

The Daily Caller reports:

“As Katy continues on her downward spiral, she’s taken to Groupon to sell tickets at a SIGNIFICANTLY reduced price. Here’s a little sample:

Last month, she announced she was postponing her tour due to “unavoidable production delays.”

Unavoidable production delays don’t happen to megastars like Britney Spears and Taylor Swift….“Unavoidable production delays” really just means nobody wants to “Witness the Tour.””

Wow! Nine dollars for a ticket? Talk about hitting a new low. What will Katy do next just to sell some tickets or albums? Make a sex tape? Do a little porn? A side hustle working the streets?

Sad to see these celebrities resort to this kind of desperation. But is anyone really surprised? Could it be the constant bashing of a rightful sitting president that has killed Katy’s career?

The Hollyweird Demise

Katy has been a vocal advocate for Hillary Clinton throughout the 2016 campaign and a loud mouth promoting idiotic leftist policies.

She recently opened up to Entertainment Weekly about the inspiration for her new album and how the election “changed her:”

“Now that I look at it, I was so grateful for the experience of the election to be able to find my voice and be able to test my voice,” says Perry. “There was a lot of noise about me taking a stand because I was a neutral girl for a while. I was okay when someone told me ‘Oh just shut up and sing.’”

Sounds like the advice to just shut up and sing is exactly what Katy should have done. Because her vile, crude comments about Trump isn’t helping her sell any records and now her career is in the toilet.

We have seen this kind of demise all throughout Hollywood in the last couple years. Most recently Complex reported the most recent MTV Video Music Awards, which Katy Perry hosted, was the least watched in TV history.

According to the Washington Postthis year’s award show drew a total of 5.4 million viewers, making it the lowest-rated VMAs in history—or at least since 1994, when Nielsen started measuring the show.

The VMAs has seen a steady decline in ratings for the past several years: 6.5 million watched the 2016 broadcast, 9.8 million watched the year before, and 10.3 million tuned into 2014’s. The highest-rated broadcast was 2002’s with 11.95 million viewers.”

I for one am not shocked as the VMA’s was nothing more then one giant anti-Trump party.

First, Katy Perry pulled out a Handmaid’s Tale outfit during her opening monologue about how the “world is on fire,” presenter Paris Jackson spoke about the need to “resist”, and the song “F*uck Donald Trump” was playing during commercial breaks.

When is the Left going to get it?

These Hollyweird’s and Leftist’ alike are so full of themselves and their rhetoric. They all have liberal friends who think the same and act the same. Their “diversity” only goes skin deep as they ridicule anyone who dare think for themselves. And us “regular folk” are sick of their disgust for our country and president.

In the end, all their best “resisting” efforts will fall on deaf ears. And as Hollywood continues to go broke, like Katy Perry, you can add the industry to Target, the NFL, and Starbucks.

The glitz of Hollyweird is growing dim. And Leftist like Perry are getting hammered, financially.

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