Dems getting message: Not Cool to Bash President

Will wonders never cease? Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards, praised the Trump administration for the emergency management response in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In an appearance with Chris Cuomo on CNN, Governor Edwards said:

Well, first of all, let me tell you, the federal government has been excellent. The President has called twice. He signed the declaration we requested within a few hours of our making the request on Sunday evening. Acting secretary of homeland security Duke has been wonderful and FEMA administrator Brock has been great as well.

Defectors Beware

The Governor better watch his back, because going off course from the party line is dangerous. Anyone paying attention to the response from Trumps administration, however, agrees with his hands-on attention to the folks in Texas and Louisiana. Clearly, the President’s visit over the long weekend soothed suffering victims. He lifted them, and those sad, tired eyes smiled. Obviously, they sorely needed his visit, and the President’s presence and touch radiated through the crowd. Standing in line for something to eat is a humbling experience. Suffering people don’t care about Melania’s shoes. There’s no stomach in Houston for political games.

This is precisely why the media have such abysmal approval ratings. The disconnect between them and folks on the ground is a gaping chasm. Blaming each other changes nothing; people want cooperation and action between the parties. A few Democrats are finally getting the message. Folks don’t care about the political squabbling, but instead, want DC to get to work. Last November’s election was the closest thing to a revolt seen since our Civil War. Liberals better follow the direction the wind blows or find themselves on the sidelines again. Bashing the President is no longer in fashion.

The Left is full of themselves and their rhetoric. They only have liberal friends, and their thoughts echo amongst them. Liberalism and Progressivism are their religion, moral relativism, their higher power. Really, it’s no wonder they fell victim to the silent majority. And Democrats didn’t just fall from grace, they plummeted. The tangible anger and disgust of their constituents exploded, but “regular people” are ready for the voices of common sense and decency to rise to the top.

An American Revolt?

Finally, they’ve had some time to cool down, and Democrats are now tiptoeing through the political mine field they built. Self-preservation is human instinct, and nobody wants to suffer another political defeat the likes of last November. Nancy Pelosi publicly denounced Antifa, in a shocking turn of events. This time when the folks spoke loudly and stood their ground, the Democrat’s realized their reverse psychology ploy didn’t work. Progressives have connived and disrupted, while their media pals gave support. Those days are over, and that behavior is not cool anymore.

So, the good people of this country are finished with the muck and mire. They see where the milk is made with their own eyes, and they’re in revolt. Democrats are pushing a power and control agenda, and will lead only to further uprisings, perhaps even Civil War. The electorate is soundly rejecting it. Kathy Griffin, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, and others apparently had to learn the hard way. Democrats, follow the learning curve to it’s logical conclusion, or you’ll find yourselves running out of town on a rail; and you won’t be missed.


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