Kevin Jackson Reveals Life as a Double-Transgender Man

Kevin Jackson Reveals Life as a Double-Transgender Man

I need to tell you about my life as a double transgender. You read that right. I didn’t write my “double life as a transgender”.

I’m not coming down on the transgender. I’m just saying that what they do may be amazing, but what I do puts them to shame.

As many know, I came out a few years ago as “NOT Gay”. I know what you’re thinking, “How brave of him!”. And you would be right.

With four sons, and having been spotted multiple times in the company of beautiful women, I felt the jig was up. With all the hoopla that had been generated over former pro-basketball player Jason Collins coming out as gay, the time had come for me to admit what I knew about myself. I was vehemently, and unapologetically NOT Gay.

That said, was I still part of the LGBTQ?

Honestly, I wasn’t sure. And don’t be so quick to judge.

As I would eventually learn, I am a Lesbian. I know that sounds strange, being how NOT Gay heterosexual male I profess to be. Nevertheless, I discovered that indeed had most of the traits of being a Lesbian. Ultimately, it was confirmed that I am a Lesbian. I will explain this more in a bit.

My third declaration, I make right now: I’m a double transgender man.

There you have it. Complete honesty, “Trumpyan style!”

Now, I realize this is all a lot to take in, particularly my latest revelation. But, hear me out.

I was born a man, with “outies” and not “innies”, “sex-organly” speaking. So, I’m all man; always have been. However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t grown, progressively speaking. In other words, I’m no Neanderthal!

And if there is anything Leftism has taught me, I learned how to soul-search from time to time in order to understand the root causes of what we call “societal norms”. So what I was born a man, love woman, have kids, and so on! Look DEEPER, I challenged myself.

In my search for more meaning, I learned how to get in touch with my feminine side, as they say. I grabbed myself by my “mangina”, and let her rip.

Holy Mother of Helen Reddy, I am “whoaman” hear me roar! Progressivism changed my life.

So looking back at each of my “reveals”, I connected the dots.

With respect to me discovering that I’m NOT Gay, I reflected back on my life. I thought to myself,

“Why do I have NO interest in men sexually!? What’s WRONG with me? I constantly dated girls, and ultimately women.”

Eventually I married, twice. I had kids; well my kids’ mothers did. Yet, I still kept my secret. Finally, after my 4th son was born, I concluded, “I must be NOT Gay!”

The heaviness that lifted from my shoulders was indescribable. But then, I began to wonder. “Wait! Am I a Lesbian?!”

I had to be.  I love the company of women (not men), carnally speaking. And this in a time when I can declare to be whatever sex or gender I choose, and being in touch with my inner “vaginalogue,” I still prefer women over the hairier sex! Clearly, I’m a Lesbian.

Welcome to the “L” of the LGBTQ. But wait!

If I’m a Lesbian, that makes me a “transgender” of sorts. After all, I started out a man, that’s for sure. Although mentally I’m not trapped in a man’s body, I’m thinking like a woman, sort of?

Holy Mother of RuPaul, I had no idea I unwittingly gave myself a sex-change of the Caitlyn type.

Imagine my confusion at this point. I mean, what are the ramifications of keeping one’s “naughty bits” after the sex-change? Would I be PENALIZED?

Further, as far as my newfound sexuality is concerned, I feel low. “Pretty non-committal”, I thought to myself.

Which brings me to a real conundrum.

At this point, I was officially a transgender man, of sorts. Yet, I still did not enjoy the company of men, but instead women. So, what was I really?

The conclusion? I’m a DOUBLE-transgender.

I’m now a proud member of the LGBT-squared-Q community. I happily represent the double-transgender men of the world.

I suspect MILLIONS of men suffered in silence as I have, not knowing what we truly are. Well now they know. My bravery, yet again has helped millions of men understand that they are NOT Gay, Lesbian, Double Transgender.

I’m not one for awards. However, if the Nobel committee sees the impact of my efforts, and wants to award me the Nobel Peace Prize, I will accept.

Life is meant to be lived!

Don’t hate me as I grab the bull by the horns, and tea-bagged that sucker. He had it coming.

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