NBA Anthem Singer SHOCKS Audience [VIDEO]

NBA Anthem Singer SHOCKS Audience [VIDEO]

The NBA should take a lesson from the NFL. And whether it’s player or singer, nobody kneels during the anthem.

It appears these days that everybody wants their 15-nanoseconds of fame, including anthem singers.

When did talent and character do the talking?

Justine Skye is a gifted young singer. She is undoubtedly headed to an amazing career. Somebody recognized her talent, and Skye was invited to sing the national anthem at the Brooklyn Nets game. Skye took advantage of her opportunity to appreciate the country that affords her unlimited opportunity by kneeling.

As Fox News reports:

A Nets representative said they were unaware she was planning to kneel during the game with the Orlando Magic.

“We recognize that tonight’s national anthem singer kneeled briefly at the end of her performance and we were not aware that she was going to do so,” the spokesperson said.

Of course, if the NBA knew Skye’s plan ahead of time, they would have shut her down before the first note. The NBA previously didn’t allow a singer to wear a #WeMatter t-shirt for a performance.

Shortly after the game, Skye posted this video.

Another Misinformed Liberal

Obviously Skye is just another leftist oblivious to the realities of her movement. Black Lives Matter is nothing short of a domestic terror group. However, Skye credits BLM with inspiring her protest.

But here’s where her story gets interesting.

Skye was born into a wealthy family. Her mother is an attorney in the music business. You can bet she’s been trained in her craft, as her voice indicated in the singing of the anthem. All her preparation in life led to the moment for her to showcase her talent for many to see.

Look at Jackie Evancho.

Jackie Evancho made headlines last month when she became the first artist announced to perform at Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration. The classical singer made her claim to fame at the age of 10 during the 2010 season of America’s Got Talent, where her remarkable vocals landed her in second place. Now, at 16, she’s found herself in the spotlight again for agreeing to perform at Trump’s swear-in—a gig artists from Celine Dion to Elton John have refused.

Evancho, who will be singing the national anthem, landed the gig after her manager met with the president-elect’s team in New York late last year. The opportunity, she says, was one she couldn’t pass down. “My initial reaction was, ‘Well that’s cool,’ but as it’s coming closer to the day of the performance, I’ve realized how exciting it is,” she told over the phone.

“It’s completely an honor for me to perform for my country. I just think it’s a shame that people think otherwise.”

Skye instead chose to protest. And she’s not the first.

Meghan Lindsay took a knee recent, as have a few others. Singers taking a knee does indeed look more like a publicity stunt these days. And the act is certain to backfire.

As for Skye’s protest, the NBA should take note. While players from both teams stood at attention on both foul lines–a requirement of the NBA–one of the players decided to join Skye. Interestingly, few have mentioned his name. We certainly won’t, at least for now.

NFL Proves Kneeling is a Bad Idea

Recently, Roger Goodell held a press conference. Of course, the nation was waiting for Goodell to follow Trump’s lead and put a stop to protests during the anthem. Instead, we learned the truth. Goodell doesn’t have a backbone. Nor does he possess a brain.

The NFL ratings have fallen by nearly 20 percent. Does Goodell take any responsibility? Of course not. He actually blames the Presidential election for the downward spiral. In fact, Goodell’s statement went something like this:

The NFL is concerned with issues in the communities. Then there are communities, issues, communities, communities, issues, issues, communities’ issues.

We wanted to address the issues in our communities, and the players issues in the communities, communities, issues, communities, issues, communities, issues.

Who wouldn’t want to see issues, communities’ issues, the issues in our communities addressed.

The NFL is committed to addressing issues in the communities, communities, issues, communities, communities, issues, issues, communities’ issues. And this meeting with the players was a step in that direction for the issues in our communities.

Issues, issues, issues. Issues in the communities, communities, issues, communities, communities, issues, issues, communities’ issues, the issues in our communities.

In other words, Goodell spent 20 minutes using the same two words over and over.

There’s a better way for the NFL to handle this.

Stand up for the flag. It’s a matter of respect. Honor the moment with tradition. Leave Colin Kaepernick and his protest where it belongs, in the lost archives of forgotten footage. His moment in the spotlight is over.

If you want to help the oppressed, take your big, fat bonus check down to the fifth ward and start paying for after school programs and dinner plates. Do that one time and it will have a bigger impact that an entire season of taking a knee.

For now, the NBA differs with the approach of the NFL. I suggest they keep it that way.


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