Fired Firefighter SUES Over Black Lives Matter

Fired Firefighter SUES Over Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a hate group that serves no purpose but to divide America. And they are financed by some of the most vile animals on the planet.

However their intimidation tactics no longer work, as victims of their abuse begin to fight back.

Take Jimmy Morris, former Columbia Fire Department Captain for example. He works for South Carolina’s fire department and was recently fired due to claims of “racial insensitivity”. His infraction occurred when he complained on social media about Black Lives Matter protesters.

“Morris, a member of the fire department captain in South Carolina’s capital was fired for posting on social media that he would run over protesters if they were still blocking traffic when his shift ended.

 Morris wrote two Facebook posts in July 2016 saying he would run over protesters if they were blocking traffic when his shift ended.

 “Idiots shutting down I-126. Better not be there when I get off work or there is gonna be some run over dumb asses,” Mr. Morris wrote.

 About an hour later, Mr. Morris commented: “Public Service Announcement: If you attempt to shut down an interstate, highway, etc on my way home, you best hope I’m not one of the first vehicles in line because your ass WILL get run over! Period! That is all….”

So, a man who sacrifices his life everyday for ALL men, women, and racial backgrounds is fired over feeling frustrated due to protesters blocking the road?

Utter Leftist nonsense. Because Morris opined what many others thought as well, as they tried to get home that day.

There have been many Black Lives Matter protests all across America. This specific protest was for blacks killed by officers in Louisiana and Minnesota back in July. And BLM didn’t disappoint, as they disrupted ordinary people merely trying to live their lives.

According to Columbia, SC(WIC) news:

A group of more than 100 demonstrators gathered at the foot of the State House steps and made their way down Main Street shortly after 8 p.m., winding their way through downtown Columbia. All along the march route, members of local law enforcement worked alongside the group, closing intersections for them to pass.

 At one point in the evening, however, the group traveled down Elmwood Avenue and onto Interstate 126, in both the inbound and outbound lanes.

This prompted the South Carolina Department of Transportation to close the highway for about an hour over safety concerns.

Do these men and women protesting all look one color? Or is it a racially mixed group?

So, the notion that Morris was being “insensitive” to black people is preposterous. 

Rightfully, Morris decided to fight back by suing the city of Columbia. He claims that his free speech rights are being violated.

Morris’ lawyer, Paul Porter, includes in the lawsuit that other non-white employees wrote similar posts on social media but weren’t fired. So why just target Morris for his frustration?

As Morris’ lawsuit remains pending in court, we are starting to see this trend more and more as conservatives continue to fight back against leftist nonsense.

Kate Steinle’s family is currently suing San Francisco over her murder by an illegal alien. Let’s see how the rights of a citizen over the rights of illegals and protected by “sanctuary cities” plays out in the court of public opinion.

And what of the baker in Colorado, sued for refusing to bake a cake for a gay couple? When he wins his case in the Supreme Court, I hope he sues that couple.

Hopefully Conservatives will stop turning the other cheek, and begin to confront Leftists where it hurts: the pocketbook.

These clowns are all too happy to sue. But when the worm turns and they find their money or livelihoods at risk, they show their true colors.

As for Black Lives Matter, when supporters of these terrorists find themselves constantly in court, they may conclude that All Lives Matter matters more.

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