Fmr Clinton Staffer: Democrats Should Abandon Russia Investigation

Fmr Clinton Staffer: Democrats Should Abandon Russia Investigation

In a statement of the obvious, a former Clinton staffer comes clean.

Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook admitted that RussiaGate is dead in 2018. Before we get to that, understand that we’ve been saying this.

As if we needed any more proof that Donald Trump has no connection to Russia, we get more.

And this proof from a very unlikely source: the crooked Obama government.

Link to the Justice Files, and you see Papadopoulos testimony about Donald Trump and the Russians. As it turns out, Trump turned down proposed meetings with the Russians.

Mook agrees.

In a recent interview, Mook declared that for the Democrats to harbor any hopes in 2018 and beyond, they should drop the Russia story. Further, he said that Democrats need to focus on the issues currently being addressed by President Trump.

“I don’t think the Russia investigation is a winning message,” Mook admitted. “Voters are — they watch, and they look to see what your priorities seem to be, what you’re spending your time on and what your focus is.

“This is why the Republicans are looking to have a fight over immigration,” he continued. “They want to send a signal to voters that Democrats are not focused on the voters. They’re focused on immigration and that sort of thing and, obviously, it’s an important issue, but the Republicans see that as a helpful wedge for their base. I think Democrats need to run on what everybody always needs to run on, which is—what are you doing for the voters, what’s in it for them, how will you help their lives?”

Mook gave a real assessment of the plight of Leftists. Though, there are Democrats who remain delusional, we begin to see the dam breaking.

Check out CNN analyst Paul Callan admitting that he now believes the FBI deserves the criticism of President Trump:

When CNN admits on-air that attacks on the FBI are justified, you know it’s going to be a rocky 2018 for the Left.

And CNN analyst Paul Callan did just that. Check out the interview:

Consider the ramifications of CNN actually telling the truth about the state of America going into 2018. And as you consider that, imagine life as we know it with the media actually doing its job, and reporting facts.

The election of President Trump represents a catastrophe for the Deep State with an anti-Trump media. But if the media merely provides unbiased news, the Deep State as we know it ends abruptly.

Callan lays out the bread crumbs, so that even the most stupid Leftist could follow the story.

He begins with Peter Strzok providing evidence of bias towards then-candidate Trump. And that was only the beginning.

We currently have as many as 8 FBI agents who’ve either been reassigned or outright fired.

And what of MSNBC admitting that Obama underestimated the Russian threat.

With all the discussion around Russia, why is MSNBC now divulging this about Obama?

As it turns out, Obama underestimated the Russian threat.

MSNBC agreed.

The excerpt below is from another interview: You’ll have to go here to see the clip.

Chris Jansing set up the interview as follows:

And we begin with a new sweeping piece in the Washington Post that looks at how the U.S. underestimated cyber threats from Russia, finding inaction to be the most consistent policy. Early warning signs of a growing Russian disinformation threat included a 2005 launch of RT. The Kremlin funded TV network…

Democrats now begin to reveal themselves. And each day, President Trump wins them over.

Because, they simply can’t argue with positive results. We would have experienced the same problem, had Obama been effective.

Once the fake news Russia narratives dies, the compromised Democrats die with it. And that will be a painful death.

Now, why Obama is in big trouble in 2018.

As reported here:

A few months after liberal were laughing at Trump over the claim that Obama wiretapped him throughout the election, Trump finally obtained exoneration. And this is actually true. Obama did really wiretap Trump all through the presidential campaign.

Tony Shaffer, previous intelligence official, now exposed Obama blaming him that this is not just a federal offense, but also it can lead to Obama getting felony charges.

Shaffer’s terrible statement about Obama’s future is quite shocking especially through the minds of liberals all over America.

Answering the question, if Obama could be imprisoned for breaking the law, Shaffer said that it might be the “1st time an ex – president could be accountable for a criminal offence. ”

“…I believe it is really possible he acted outside the range of his responsibilities, to use the resources of the nation-state for a presidential candidate. This really is, as I have said just before, North Korean dictator level of abuse,” he added.

Shaffer explained that Obama utilizing government assets to wiretap Trump had been for the purpose of having Hillary in to office, because he wished that by doing this he would generate “dirt” on Trump to destroy his presidential race.





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