Google SUED for Censorship of Conservatives​

Google sued for censorship of Conservatives​

Leftists often accuse you of the thing they are really guilty of.

So, when the left tries to smear conservatives with labels such as Nazis, Fascists, and intolerant, they are really describing themselves.

Case in point is the story of ​Prager University, run by radio-talk-show host Dennis Prager whose videos on YouTube have received restricted status making it impossible for people to watch. Thus, Prager fought back suing Google and YouTube for violation of his First Amendment rights.

According to the plaintiff, many of its “educational” videos have been put into “restricted mode.” Prager suspects there is no reasonable basis for this, other than viewpoint bias. The complaint filed in California federal court includes charts of restricted videos compared to unrestricted videos on “similar topics.”

 For example, Prager’s video titled “Are 1 in 5 women in college raped?” is on lockdown, while a Real Time With Bill Maher video about The Hunting Ground; an interview with former Vice President Joe Biden on how to end the campus rape crisis; and Lady Gaga singing about rape all can be seen by YouTube users.

Why would Google and YouTube risk so much to silence Conservatives?

It was only a matter of time before these organizations were sued. Moreover, in the end they lose. You simply can’t maintain a stranglehold on what information is allowed out.

Below is an example of a video from Prager U.

These videos educate. Because they provide another way to view an issue, there should be no restrictions.

Obviously YouTube maintains many anti-police videos, so why not balance the equation?

I’m certain that Prager would be happy to debate the other side of this issue.

As for the lawsuit, Prager demanded a preliminary injunction that would prohibit YouTube from restricting viewer access to its videos absent evidence of graphic nudity, violence, profanity, obscene material, hate speech, or anything that would be considered “objectively” offensive. And as I indicated earlier, he will win his case.

Presenting U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh with a free speech issue of “profound importance,” Prager on Friday even nodded in court to the thoughts of net neutrality supporters.

“Among others, legal scholars Professors Jeffrey Rosen and Timothy Wu warn that private corporations like Defendants ‘have more power over free speech and privacy than any president, king, or Supreme Court justice,'” states a court brief.

“Because the First Amendment is ‘centered on the problem of wrongful discrimination in communications’ these scholars point out that ‘anyone who wants to understand free speech in the twenty-first century needs to know how the concept has expanded over time’ to include the vast and concentrated power over speech wielded by purportedly private internet intermediaries. And, with the recent curtailment of net neutrality by the FCC, the unprecedented concentration of power over speech by private intermediaries will necessarily be ‘followed by an effort to crush … political opponents and favor … political supporters.’”


Sadly, Prager isn’t the only conservative that has complained about being banned from social media.

Consider conservative journalist Lauren Southern who believes there is a drive to stifle politically divergent voices.

“I think it would be insane to suggest there’s not an active effort to censor conservative and independent views,” said Southern. “Their entire model is based around a far left outline. There’s no merit hiring, there’s no support of free speech and there certainly is not an equal representation of political views at these companies.”

And what of Independent journalist and activist Luke Rudkowski, who runs WeAreChange?

He claims that over 600 videos were taken down in a single day affecting all areas of his life including his ability to make a living.

“Having had 660 of my videos demonetized in one day left me a little stunned since this is the core for my income but left me with the impression that this was done on purpose,” said Rudkowski,

 “After dealing with all the repeated issues with YouTube it is clear that this is a campaign to de-incentivize any critical thinkers and anti authoritarians from their platform,” he said.

This is no coincidence?

Profile Leftist organizations, activists, or simply ordinary people who post similar materials without interruption. Leftists post the most vile content on YouTube with immunity.

Whether Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the multitude of other social media, the Left controls the narrative. Twitter’s CEO would gladly ban President Trump if he didn’t fear the ramifications. But if Hillary Clinton were president, Trump would be long gone from that social media platform.

Facebook is notorious for banning Conservatives, almost for sport.

Social media continues the job of the fake news mainstream media. They pretend to fight for free and open internet, as they scheme against Conservative America.

Kudos to Dennis Prager for challenging Google. I hope many others do the same to Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Let’s litigate these Nazis into balance.

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