Obama PUNKS Himself: Now Leftists Have No Way Out

Obama PUNKS Himself: Now Leftists Have No Way Out

You know the old saying, “I told you so?” Well, that should be Trump’s new motto.

In fact, it’s impossible to name an issue where Obama’s wisdom outweighs Trump’s truth.

From the economy to Russian spying, Trump called every issue exactly how it happened. If Democrats were even remotely truthful, they would admit Obama is a moron.

Forget the example of Obamacare, where Obama said Americans could keep their plans and doctors. Look at the outcome where people now make the choice between paying for healthcare or paying their rent.

And what about Carrier? Obama said that Trump would need a magic wand to keep the company here. From the looks of it, President Trump must have caught a sale on magic wands given how many manufacturers stayed in America. And what about all those who are now coming?

Foxconn alone will add at least 13,000 jobs to our economy with the new plant their building. The global giant chose America to invest $10 billion in their new manufacturing plant. While Obama explained the “new norm” of manufacturing jobs not returning to the United States, Donald Trump invested in magic wands.

For the better part of a decade companies left America, and Barack Obama never looked for a way to stop the triage. He just accepted the “new norm”, then tried to convince Americans that we needed to get use to the way things now work.

And knowing this fact, Leftists throw shade at Trump’s accomplishments. Instead of focusing on the new successful direction of the country, the anti-Trump crowd makes up stories like the Russian collusion farce.

Remember Obama’s declaration on Russian collusion?

President Trump made mince meat of this statement from Obama, as reported by Fox News:

President Trump on Tuesday turned a 2016 quote from then-President Barack Obama against him in the ongoing battle over Russian interference in the election — claiming it shows Democrats are using the meddling as a belated “excuse” for losing.

Trump cited remarks made by Obama at a press conference with then-Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi just weeks before the election, in which Obama advised then-candidate Trump to “stop whining” about potential election rigging.

“There is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections, in part because they’re so decentralized and the numbers of votes involved,” Obama said.

Trump tweeted that quote Tuesday morning, citing it as proof Democrats’ attitudes changed after he won the election.

Obama Flip-flops

So the most corrupt president in American history got it wrong, again. Now what?

It’s simple. Obama will flip-flop, like a typical leftist, to save his own ass. Just like he now admits there were some “unforeseen complications” with Obamacare, good ole Barack has no choice but to admit there was some Russian meddling.

And if that wasn’t enough crow-eating irony, Obama now claims he confronted Putin and told him to “cut it out.”

So now that Obama admitted to Russian meddling after not admitting it, we learned that the meddling began in 2014.

Somebody help me with history, but I suspect the Russians have been meddling in U.S. elections since the fall of the Soviet Union.

Regardless, what we do know is the modern-day Russian meddling started in 2014 as it pertains to the election of 2018. So where was Obama? I’m guessing either golfing or hanging with Jay-Z or B?

But as Obama said, he did “talk with Putin” about the non-meddling meddling.

As Fox News continues:

Republicans shared similar sentiments following the indictment, with California Rep. Devin Nunes arguing that “the Obama administration failed to act on the [House Intelligence Committee’s] warnings.” Nunes said he’s warned of Russia’s possible “influence” on campaigns since 2014.

Additionally, top U.S. intelligence officials confirmed to the Senate intelligence committee on Thursday they’ve already seen evidence of “pervasive” Russian meddling in the upcoming midterm elections.

Countries meddle. China and Russia have tried to manipulate currencies, and undermine American interests. America survived these attacks because of the strong republic, as Obama did nothing to stop them.

Well things have changed. President Trump sounded the warning to the Chinese and the Russians, and any other country that dare interfere with American interests. Unlike Obama however, President Trump will act.

But make no mistake about it, Obama didn’t take Russian meddling seriously, because he knew that Democrat meddling in the election was far more egregious. After all, he had an upfront seat to those crimes.

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