In case you missed it, Biden unofficially quit the race

In case you missed it, former Vice President and former preemptive next President of the United States Joe Biden unofficially quit the race.

Creepy Joe Biden looked like a wounded duck at the debates, though he acted like a jaguar backed into a corner.

Why did Democrats choose a two-time loser, and a man who never made it more than a month in Democrat primaries in the past? Losers!

So now Democrats may have their second female presidential candidate. Let’s just call her Donald Trump roadkill version 2.0.

In their desperation, Democrats now back Elizabeth “Screech” Warren. I’ve discussed the level of desperation one must reach to depend on a self-described “nasty woman” as their new champion. Oh the love of Democrats kicking their own asses.

Frankly, I’m not convinced Democrats want Warren.

I saw an article titled: “Is Bloomberg waiting in the wings?”. The article discuss the demise of Joe Biden, and pretty much skipped over Warren as a significant candidate. Understand that the majority of Democrats still hope Michelle Obama or Oprah will enter the race. Trust me: neither will. Neither wants their skeletons out of the closet.

So with no Great White or Black Hopes in the wings, Democrats rely on Warren. And the tests begin for Warren as the new front-runner.

Breitbart discusses Warren’s first policy test.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the author of the bill Warren backs, has admitted openly that middle class Americans would pay higher taxes under his (and her) plan, but argues that middle class families would save money overall because their health insurance costs would supposedly fall.

But Warren has dodged the question in debate after debate, and interview after interview — and did so again when confronted by her opponents in the debate.

In the spin room after the debate, CNN’s anchors and political pundits struggled to extract an answer from Warren. Jake Tapper tried to help her craft an answer that would admit the tax hike, but argue for lower overall costs; John King pointed out, sympathetically, that Warren ran the risk of being accused of lying to the public.

Warren replied, over and over again: “My commitment is I will not sign a bill into law that raises costs on middle class families.”

Democrats continue to overestimate how much Americans care about healthcare.

Consider how many times you’ve personally been to the hospital. For me it’s less than 5 times in my lifetime. A hernia operation, a finger trauma, a colonoscopy, a stress test, and I honestly can’t remember the other time. 5 times in over 5 decades.

While healthcare is an issue as I get older and Obamacare jacked up my previous plans, healthcare is not on my brain. My job, income, the economy, retirement for examples all remain front and center of my psyche.

Below is the video of what were called the biggest moments during the debate. Any serious person watching this would not consider a single Democrat as Commander in Chief.

Headlines read: Biden YELLS at Warren during debate. Biden defends son during debate.

Not a good night for Creepy. But not a good night for Democrats in general. Take a look at the graphic of who won the debate.

The new frontrunner scored just over 7 percent? The former #1 scored just 5 percent. And the former #2 scored under 4 percent. Ouch!

These results reflect the feeling of Democrats for their front runners. But what of Gabbard’s numbers? Over 39% in a loaded field.

Don’t expect Democrats to put Gabbard in the forefront based on these results. Young, female, exotic, military veteran doesn’t deserve Democrats upsetting the apple cart.

In the end, who cares. Gabbard can’t beat President Trump either. So Democrats find themselves walking in circles. And this race isn’t over…except for Biden.



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