2020 The Year of Trump and Clear Vision for Hollyweirdos and Anti-Trumpers

The year of reckoning comes for all the Trump naysayers. Fate destined a President Trump in 2020. Because as we all know, hindsight is 2020.

I suggest Leftists look back at their savior, Barack Obama. As you review his “style”, look at the results of everything he said and accomplished. Let’s begin with the understanding that President Trump was never to be.

Former President Obama and team fought hard to insure that Donald Trump would never become president. Obama guaranteed it.

Obama even chided Trump to “stop whining” about Russians interfering the elections. Because Obama by way of the CIA, NSA, FBI, and the FISA court judges made sure that Trump would never see the inside of the Oval Office, at least as president.

As one reviews Obama in retrospect, it’s difficult to understand how we ever started investigating the Russians. Based on his own comments, Obama apparently isn’t a “serious person”.

Neither are the CIA, FBI, NSA, media, Hollyweirdos, Never Trumpers, anti-Trumpers, as all pretended that the Russians thwarted our election to get Trump elected.

We now know that Obama and team attempted the biggest coup in history. For once, Obama told the truth. The Russians has NOTHING to do with the election of Trump. Interestingly, no media outlets made Obama eat these words. Nor have they held this buttclown responsible for the many other misses.

But let’s not forget the other Leftists morons. The media, the anti-Trump and Never Trumpers, which included many Hollyweirdos. Recall what these doofuses said about Trump’s chances:

Against all odds and what has already proven to be the biggest political scandal in American history, Trump got elected. And he immediately kept one of his first promises. It was a promise Obama said couldn’t be kept.

Leftist hated that President-elect Trump accomplished with ease, what Obama said couldn’t happen. They debated the actual number of jobs saved, and tried a host of other “spin” tactics. MSNBC called the jobs saved, “hype”.

But nothing worked. Because President Trump did save jobs at Carrier, even if only temporarily. Trump signaled to the world that he would save the American economy.

As this video showcased, Trump saved the economy. And for the people who wanted to credit Obama, Obama made this difficult with his prediction about Carrier, loss of manufacturing jobs as the “new norm”, and his anemic GDP.

2020 the year of hindsight.

Trump has more than proven what a moron we had for president for 8 years. To quote Obama, “any serious person” understands how pathetic he was as president.

In fact, according to polls (and we know leftists love polls), Obama’s the worst president since WWII. Leftists know this. The smart ones recognized their error in judgment. Many have switched parties or at the very least will no longer vote for Democrats. But there are hangers-on.

These are the “resistance”. The people too ashamed to admit how wrong they were, and how right we were. But in the year of 2020 vision, expect many more Leftists to finally admit they regret their votes for Obama and other Democrats.

While Trump revealed much by his election, as his administration exposes the dirt inside politics. Further, Trump revealed much by his performance as POTUS.

People had become to expect do-nothing presidents like Obama. Style over substance. But those days are over, thanks to Trump. Substance over style is back in vogue, as Americans want results.

Even under all the pressure of multiple coup attempts, Trump decimates the naysayers. The more they complain about him, the stronger they make him. As I watch knuckledraggers like Robert De Niro, I can’t help think that many people believe of him what I believe of him; that De Niro has lost it. Because he has.

Every time I see De Niro rant or some Hollyweirdo appear on a talk show and give the standard “I hate Trump” stump comment, I chuckle to myself. Because I know many don’t believe it. But you can bet at the end of 2020, many more will be on the Trump Train.

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