Impeachment Leads to Another Fundraising Record

While Democrats are busy obstructing their own impeachment, Republicans are even busier, counting the dollars!

That’s right, thanks to Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment hoax, Republican fund-raising is literally through the roof.

In fact, in the first 48 hours after Pelosi issued the articles of impeachment, small donors raised more than $10M for Trump’s reelection campaign.

This is just one more fundraising record for Trump, as he routinely raises the bar. Remember, small donors are people who give $200 or less. Thus, it takes a lot of small donors to hit ten million dollars. Especially in just two days. In other words, this impeachment nonsense backfired on Democrats. And it energized the Republican base.

And donors aren’t the only ones feeding off impeachment energy. Frankly, the President is also energized and ready to fight.

Trump Energy

Ivanka Trump is happy to let the world know her father isn’t fazed by the Democrat witch hunt.

As Newsweek writes:

The president’s daughter appeared in a previewed interview on CBS News’ Face the Nation and lamented the “unprecedented resistance” she says President Donald Trump has faced since taking office. Brennan pressed Trump on how much she personally advises the president and also sidestepped a question about whether or not attorney Rudy Giuliani is providing the president “good counsel” given his repeated visits to Ukraine in order to potentially open up an investigation into the Biden family.

“[Donald Trump] is energized, as are 63 million-plus voters who elected him to office, this is historic as you note in many ways including the fact that it’s the first purely partisan impeachment, in fact the only thing bipartisan was the vote against proceeding forward,” Ivanka said, noting two Democrats who voted against the two articles of impeachment last week and one, Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, who simply voted “present.”

“There is tremendous energy on his side…support for impeachment has actually decreased, not increased. I think he sees it for what it is, which I think is just raw, partisan politics.”

“More than 50 percent of America believes we shouldn’t be in this position and that the president shouldn’t have been impeached,” she added.

And Ivanka is exactly right. Democrats don’t have the numbers on their side.

Meanwhile on the Left

Democrats are struggling to meet fundraising goals. Mainly because even leftists are tired of this impeachment narrative. Now, Democrats wasted months crying the word “urgency.” They acted as though their investigation required a speedy outcome. And now it seems Pelosi is moving at a snails pace to deliver these articles that were so urgent.

And we don’t have to ask why the sudden change in pace occurred. The answer is simple. Democrats don’t have a case.

Now, Pelosi’s own little game of quid pro quo has House Democrats demanding the Senate play by Pelosi’s rules. Perhaps it’s time the Senate flip the script.

What if the Senate called only Republican witnesses? Clearly, the House only relied on Democrat testimony to put their so-called case together. It seems to defy conventional logic.

Where’s the Rationale?

Here we are impeaching a President who possibly considered withholding $400M of aid to the Ukraine. However, he never actually withheld the aid. Yet, his rival, Joe Biden, is touted as worthy of the Democrat nomination for President. And this man actually bragged about withholding a billion dollars of aid promised to the Ukraine.

In fact, Joe tells it like this:

“I said, ‘You’re not getting the billion.’ I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch, he got fired…”

All the while, Biden’s son was earning millions as a board member for an energy company he knew nothing about. But that’s not Biden’s fault, because no one prepared him for the possible conflict of interest. In fact, Biden blames the help.

And this, my friends, is what Democrats now call a great victory for democracy. A complete and utter hypocrisy sewn together to take a President to trial simply because he sunk the Titanic (aka Hillary Clinton).

But Democrats will soon learn a valuable lesson in economics. My husband likes to say “money talks, bullshit walks.” Ten million power-talks were just given to the Republican party. And more are pouring in each day. Sounds like the message to Democrats is clear- Take a hike!



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