President Trump Surprises Troops and Confounds Media

President Trump made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to spend time with U.S. troops on Thanksgiving. But what he said really surprised the media.

He arrived at Bagram Air Field shortly after 8:30 p.m. local time and spent more than two hours on the ground.

The media seems surprised to learn of this trip, when he did the same thing when visiting Iraq. Like President Trump would let those clowns know anything.

But President Trump is predictable in one thing: crushing Democrats during public appearances. So that’s what one might have expected him to do when he spoke to the troops. As CBS reported, surprisingly he didn’t do that.

JIANG: “Yeah, I do, and you are right that it is rare. Especially now that President Trump seems to be all consumed by the impeachment inquiry. It is what he wants to talk about and defend himself about even at campaign rallies. Really every chance he gets he brings it up, but I think today was different because he knows his crowd. Regardless of who he is talking to, what he is talking about, he understands what those in the audience expect him to say and I imagine it would be pretty awkward for him to be in Afghanistan, addressing these men and women who serve our country and talking to them about a hoax or a witchhunt or a scam, as he likes to call the impeachment inquiry.”

Bad news for Democrats

As I mentioned earlier, for President Trump to not bash Democrats is unusual. And Democrats should take caution. Here’s why.

First, the president put the troops ahead of politics. This is something Barack Obama never did. He took every opportunity to discuss politics, selling an agenda usually couched in bi-partisan-like language. Trump passed on the opportunity to use what he knew would be a highly discussed event, and he did nothing. No needling of shifty “Liddle” Adam Schiff or stabs at Democrats in general. Just thanks to the troops.

Aside from the “maturity” of such a move as many Americans claim to want from the president, Trump also showed that he is capable of compartmentalizing his disdain.

Second, Trump avoided talking politics, because he felt he didn’t need to gain the respect of the audience.

Barack Obama pandered like a professional. He pandered because he had to. Obama promised much and delivered little. And with the military, Obama’s actions showed contempt.

Military Times wrote of Obama at the end of his term:

His moves to slim down the armed forces, move away from traditional military might and overhaul social policies prohibiting the service of minority groups have proven divisive in the ranks. His critics have accused him of trading a strong security posture for political points, and for allowing the rise of terrorists like the Islamic State group whom the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were supposed to silence.


More than half of troops surveyed in the latest Military Times/Institute for Veterans and Military Families poll said they have an unfavorable opinion of Obama and his two-terms leading the military. About 36 percent said they approve of his job as commander in chief.

President Trump loves the military. His budget and his actions prove this. So despite the weakening (liberalizing) of the military by his predecessor, Trump managed to undo the damage and begin the rebuilding process.

Military Times wrote in 2017:

When asked specifically about Trump’s handling of military policies, about 55 percent of all troops surveyed rated Trump’s policies as favorable, versus 26 percent unfavorable.

Trump slowly and methodically fired many of the Obama-era leaders. Then he began replacing them with Trumpian leaders. So he didn’t need to pander to the military, by talking politics. Clearly, Trump knows the Republicans will regain most of the military vote.

Third, Trump knows he has the Democrats in a serious pickle.

Why talk politics, when politics will speak for itself in a few short weeks. Trump knows IG Horowitz’s report will be out soon. And that report is bad news for the FBI, ergo bad news for Democrats.

According to Congressman Radcliffe (R-TX), Democrats are concerned:

“Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are racing to get this done,” he said. “That’s why we have five impeachment hearings this week with eight different witnesses. They’re racing the clock.

“They want to get this done before information that comes out that damages the Obama-Biden administration and their efforts to frame Donald Trump come out in the IG report or from John Durham’s criminal investigation into those very same issues.”

Horowitz submitted in September a draft of his report to Attorney General Bill Barr, who was reviewing the document — fueling the belief that the public release was coming soon.

Soon the media will feast on the carcasses of Democrats who attempted a coup, along with a massive cover-up. So, the time for politics will roar soon like a lion.

Fourth, the president respects Thanksgiving.

Despite all the efforts of Democrats to overthrow him, Trump can be thankful. God watches over him, and the majority, repeat, the majority of Americans pray for him.


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