Maxine Waters PUNKED by Russians

First it was Congressman Adam Schiff and now Congressional Black Circus clown Maxine Waters gets punked…by the Russians.

The clip below begins with Waters fawning over the climate idiot, Greta Thunberg.

Breitbart reported the hoax:

A woman who identifies herself as Congresswoman Waters tells “Greta”: “Of course, I know all about you. You have made quite a big, big, big thunder on this issue. I am really, really very proud of you and the work that you’re doing.”

The prank callers trick Waters into making a statement in defense of the environment of an imaginary island named “Chunga Changa.”

Obviously a product of remedial geography, Waters didn’t even bother to Google the fictitious island.

But things got better when Waters readily accepted the fake story about President Trump. Note in the audio Waters’ willingness to run with the story. 

Breitbart continues,

The call gets more farcical when “Greta” tells Waters that she met Trump at the United Nations, where he privately insulted her and confessed to threatening Ukraine’s president.

“He came over, he leaned towards me, and said softly, ‘Listen to me very carefully, little girl, you will never achieve your goals,’” “Greta” says.

“He said you will never achieve your goals? Oh my goodness!” Waters exclaims, stunned. “Greta” then says that she cried. “Oh my God did you cry?” Waters exclaims.

“Greta’s father” then claims to Waters that Trump told her that he did pressure Ukraine to investigate his political rivals: “He said to her, ‘You know, little girl, nobody believe you anyway, I will tell you the truth. I really pushed on Ukrainian president and you know that you will never achieve your goals like those congressional fools that accuse me.”

Now only an idiot would believe such a farce. But I remind you, we are talking about Mad Max. She took the bait, hook line and sinker.

“Oh my God, he mentioned the Ukrainian president?” Waters exclaims.

Waters then presses them on what else Trump said. They told her that they got the conversation recorded and have evidence. Waters then asked if they would be in Washington, DC, anytime soon and if they could meet with her.

“Greta’s” father then offers for the young girl to testify if Waters needs it.

Waters responds, “Oh yes, I am absolutely still working — we are working very hard, we’re putting together the facts, and we’re going after him. We are going to try everything that we have to impeach him.”

“And if the public knew that he talked to Greta like that, he made her cry, and told her she would never achieve — this will go against him, too,” she adds.

“You bring it to me,” Waters says of the recording they claimed to have. “You tell me what day you can get there. And we’ll arrange to meet with you as quickly as we can.”

You can bet Waters, Schiff and Nadler stand ready to act on any nonsensical story involving Trump, Russia, Ukraine, and now Iran.

But America now sees through these ruses. Further, Americans see Democrats as the joke they are.




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