No Good News for Democrats in their OWN Poll

You’d have to be a true optimist to see these Iowa poll results and find a silver lining, if you are a Democrat.

I looked at the poll, because it had Biden leading in Iowa with the black vote. If you giggled, you represent the norm. Because Iowa blacks aren’t exactly a bellweather for blacks in say, Chicago.

But Biden will likely fund-raise on this novelty.

“I get more of the colored vote than any other non-Negro candidate!”

In my quick analysis of the poll, the first thing I noticed is that there is still no clear leading candidate. Asked about first choice and second choice, Iowans cover the map. Sanders does better than Biden, for example. Buttigieg, though falling, leads Biden by a point.

Even more interesting is the statistic that Biden is 20 percent of all challengers on the black vote. This report bases its conclusion on 3131 active voters in IA. Where the average city has a black population of 2.5 percent, and this pollster uses whatever the black vote is as a litmus test?

Based on these numbers, the black vote in this sampling is less than 80 voters. So for Biden to be 20 percent ahead of his nearest challenger, all he would need to do is get 20-25 black voters. But to garner even that many votes for Biden would require a bit of cheating. Of course democrats specialize in faking it.

Voter fraud.

Democrats have only one hope of beating Trump and the Republicans, and that’s by cheating. Voter fraud. Before I explain that, look at the President’s and First Lady’s reception at the national championship football game in New Orleans.

What a reception! Certainly not the reception you would believe the president and First Lady would get based on media reports. For all intents and purposes, this was a Trump rally with a football game sandwiched in between.

Also, look at Trump’s campaign promises and accomplishments. Are you still hearing Democrats speak about Trump’s border wall? If not, it’s because the wall is being built!

And as we pointed out earlier today, there’s a 70% decrease in illegals trying to cross the border. But the mainstream media won’t mention that little fact.

What about the Trump tax cuts? No discussion on that either, right? Because the tax cuts WORKED!

No wonder Democrats see this poll as good, when in fact it’s horrible news. Their ONLY hope is to win with massive voter fraud.

Now let’s look at Wisconsin.

Officials in the cheese state were fined and held in contempt of court. They failed to remove thousands of voters from the state’s rolls.

CNN reports:

Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, Judge Paul Malloy issued his decision against the six-member commission for not removing roughly 200,000 outdated registrations from the state’s election rolls. Malloy is also ordering the three commissioners, who are Democrats, who voted against the removal to be fined $250 a day and the overall commission $50 a day unless they comply.

The decision follows an earlier filing by the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), a conservative law group, who initially wanted the commission fined $2,000 a day until the voters were removed.

“Court orders are not optional. It is astonishing to observe the Wisconsin Elections Commission act as if they are,” Rick Esenberg, the president of WILL, said in a previous statement.

In a meeting earlier this year, the six-member commission deadlocked on whether to move forward with the removals. The commission is appealing the order to remove the voters, which was issued by Malloy in December.

The tie meant that the commission would not take any action now and would “await further direction from the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Wisconsin,” the commission said. “When those courts provide direction, the Commission will hold another meeting to discuss action to comply with the ruling.”

Here we have proof that Democrats have no intention of accommodating a fair race. But thanks to a football game, we also know exactly where Trump stands with mainstream America. So polls or no polls, we already know what November 3rd will bring.








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