Good Liars Troll Democrats

A group of pranksters decided to show up at the Iowa caucus. And they managed to create a few awkward moments just before the historically crucial voting begins.

Now there’s a debate I wish I could’ve seen up close and personal. These jokers did everything from proposing to Elizabeth Warren to asking Joe Biden for marriage advice.

They even produced fake playbills for the rallies.

Apparently, the duo responsible for the outrageous stunts is known as “The Good Liars.” Based in New York City, Jason Selvig and Davram Stieflier created some clever jaw-dropping moments.

As Fox News reports:

A person appearing to be Selvig stood up and asked Biden what he should do after his wife left him, prompting Biden to say he would have that conversation after the event. When the prankster insisted on not putting off the conversation, Biden zinged back, “I’m beginning to see why your wife left you.”

“The Good Liars,” also showed up at an Elizabeth Warren rally, where one of the rascals, appearing to be Selvig, got on stage and bent to a knee before asking Warren, “Will you be my candidate for president?”

Warren laughed before responding, “Yes, I will be your candidate for president,” then hugging him and shaking his hand.

The Massachusetts senator then allowed the prankster to say a few words, which she likely regretted.

“My friend Dale, where’s my friend Dale, there he is. He’s an incel and he just wanted to say his first words to a woman in a long time,” Selvig said.

“Hi Elizabeth,” the man allegedly named Dale — most likely Stieflier — said.

“Hi Dale,” Warren replied. “It’s good to see you and I’m hanging on to the ring … So, I will be your candidate.”

I think Dale’s quite lucky Warren didn’t say yes!

Twitter Chimes In

Some people weren’t convinced that these pranksters pulled this on their own. In fact, many believe it was a lame publicity stunt, much like her “have a beer” Instagram post.

Things for Biden weren’t any less awkward.

The pranksters actually asked Creepy Joe for marriage advice. And Biden displayed his usual combative self. Just like he does when he faces public criticism over the ties between Bursima, his son Hunter, and the Ukraine scandal.

Independent Trolls

Funny enough, most people assumed these pranksters were part of Trump’s team. However, they’ve even trolled Trump in the past.

Like Fox News noted:

Selvig and Stieflier were also spotted at an Andrew Yang rally, calling him a robot. But the pair doesn’t just take shots at Democrats. They showed up at President Trump’s Jan. 30 rally in Des Moines to hand out fake playbills which featured a mocking outline of how the rally would go.

In “Act 1,” the playbill predicted Trump would say “witchhunt ten times in 2 minutes” and accuse the “media of not reporting size of rally.”

The second act supposedly would feature a segment where “Trump publicly admits to a crime” and a “‘Build the Wall,’ Reprise.”


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