Trump Policy Almost EMPTIES Welfare Lines

No more kicking the can down the road when it comes to  immigration reform. But who knew the added benefit would impact welfare to such a degree?

Apparently President Donald Trump knew.

Obviously, Trump already provided enough jobs for 6+ million people to get off welfare. And many of those jumping off happen to be illegals.

The election of 2016 brought a new sheriff to town. And he’s not playing with American taxpayer money. The Trump administration’s crackdown on abuse of federal social service programs caused illegals to run for cover. No more are stop-gap programs to be used as permanent sources of income.

Recently the Supreme Court ruled to lift injunction pertaining to “public charge”. This rule limited green cards to immigrants who could show their financial viability. No more dependence on America’s welfare system and social programs.

The public charge rule that banned any immigrant “unable to take care of himself or herself without becoming a public charge”. And despite protestations of Leftist, this rule has been in effect for almost 140 years according to Acting DHS Secretary Ken Cuccinelli. However, Cuccinelli explained that the rule is rarely if ever enforced, at least over the past two decades.

Slack enforcement of the rule led to an estimated 20 million illegals in America’s midst. Not anymore.

According to an article by The Daily Mail, Latino communities feel the impact.

Pastor Antonio Velasquez spoke of long waiting lines in the Phoenix Arizona area. He commented:

“You had to arrive at 3 in the morning, and it might take you until the end of the day.”

However, these days things are dramatically different.

On a recent weekday morning, the pastor noticed no one lined up, where long lines once formed. Further, the welfare office contained just a few people, where normally there would be dozens.

The Trump administration’s enforcement of “public charge” disqualifies many immigrants from having green cards. And it thwarts the efforts of Leftists to legalize the millions of illegals who come to America with no prospects, only to overburden America’s welfare and other systems.

Only legal immigrants and the financially viable will be issued green cards, or Permanent Resident cards, which allow holders to live and work permanently in the U.S.

Cuccinelli added,

“It’s consistent with our law for over 140 years. It’s a core American value of self-sufficiency, and it’s just plain old logic — what country wants to bring welfare problems into its society? We don’t want to do that. We’re happy to open our doors to people from all over the world, but we expect them to stand on their own two feet.”

As you might have guess, many legal and illegals have

Pastor Velazquez, an apparent proponent of governmental largesse and unlimited free stuff for all, shared with the reporter that countless immigrants–legal and otherwise–“have dropped social service handouts … out of fear they will be kicked out of the U.S.”

Many taxpayers call that “winning.”

Democrats of course are responsible for having created and built up a low-income culture of bondage to government handouts that motivate individuals in poverty to stay unemployed. And to stay loyal to the party that keeps the spigot of addictive, meager aid flowing.


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