(Video) Fight Erupts: Battle of the Masks

Leftists managed to create a new society: masked versus the unmasked. And it’s just as I predicted.

I have said multiple times on my radio show that Leftists are excellent at division. And what was the sane way of life, no masks, now makes one a pariah.

Suddenly the mask mandate created mini-Gestapo agents who love to point the finger of blame at the non-mask-wearing (sane) among them. Their inability to see the ruse of Wuflu suddenly makes them the police of the great unwashed.

So non-mask wearers beware.

In this example, two mask-wearing zealots patrolled Manhattan Beach, California. They were caught on camera exercising a citizens rebuke of the maskless.

In the video, two maskless men (the good guys) were eating their burritos, when accosted by a woman and her male friend. Clearly, the two accosters were taken aback by the lack of masks of the two men who dared be normal in public.

One of the men recorded the exchange, noting that neither he nor his friend believe in the mask absurdity. What happens next might not surprise you:

[Warning: video contains explicit language.]

So the woman throws hot coffee on a man, then has the nerve to believe she’s right! Meanwhile, her metrosexual male “friend” calls the police.

Yes folks, this is the new “woke” society, aka Bizarro World. Less than 4 months ago, people walked around breathing normally. And in a short amount of time, the masked society sees the former normal as heretic.

If you are like me and refuse to wear a mask, you see the masked virtue-signalers glaring at you. They look at you, the normal human being as a pariah. How dare you not wear a mask, when the government unconstitutionally and without an iota of real evidence mandated you do so.

I’ve had a couple of mask-Gestapo encounters. And I say to them, “If you are scared of WuFlu, stay home. It is not the responsibility of normal people to cater to the fears of others.”

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