VIDEO: WuFlu Ushers In a New Kind of Criminal

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that the first arrests for not wearing masks under an unconstitutional edict occurred in the land of fruits, nuts, and fairies.

Yes, Californicate sent in the police to arrest a cadre of non-mask wearers. The scene of the crime was Mother’s Market in Costa Mesa. And according to one of the “perps”, the  store manager locked her and other maskless individuals in the store. Then she called the police.

Frankly, I think the store manager kidnapped these people. They weren’t shoplifting or committing a crime where the person might need to be detained. They weren’t even being disruptive. So to lock people in against their will constitutes a crime.

Worse, this is what happens when a person attempts to do business. Imagine what the masked bandits Antifa or Black Lives Matter would have done to this store?

Look at what happened at this store where “shoppers” stopped in for bargains:

As I joked, “At least they wore their MASKS!”

In the case of Mother’s, over a dozen police officers showed up to the Orange County grocery store to arrest the detained shoppers. I doubt a single cop showed up to arrest the looters in the video above.

Interestingly, the police arrested these maskless felons. Put another way, they didn’t just issue a ticket. Surely this bullsh*t crime is just a misdemeanor?

But Newsom’s goons must make a point by arresting the maskless. They didn’t protect anyone, or serve anyone. They only had to prove a point. Oh the irony of a state that has released thousands of felony offenders, but now decides to arrest people for not wearing a mask.

Notice the onlookers shouting “Fascists!”. Clearly this woman wasn’t arrested for being maskless. She was arrested because she wore Trump 2020 attire. And yes, if she wore Obama gear this low-level manager would have said nothing.

I can hardly wait for the lawsuits. Because at some point a citizen will sue over this. Just follow the logic. If the WuFlu rendered prisons unsafe for convicted criminals, surely those not-yet-arraigned need protecting as well. All it will take is one defendant to remind the judge and jury that California released heinous criminals over a ruse, then arrested healthy citizens over a ruse. Depending on the number of spineless mask arrests CA makes, the state could easily wind up bankrupt.

Meanwhile, I’m proud of this woman for taking a stand. If anybody knows her, please have her contact us so we can help with her case and her bail.


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