The Politically Correct Response to Critical Race Theory – Part II

In Part II of my discussion of Critical Race Theory, I look at real-life examples. Take me for instance.

While I have had some success in life–even found me a white woman as a mate [You go, Black man!]–who knows what my life could have been if I had only been BORN WHITE?!! Imagine the potential!

CRT teaches Black people that despite whatever success(es) you have in life, if you were white, those successes would be even better. Thus according to CRT, every Black in America must wake up daily asking himself or herself the question, “What could I have been if God hadn’t cursed me with this Black skin?!”

Take for example, poor Michael Jordan. How cursed was that Negro? How many championships could he have won, if only he were WHITE!

White Michael Jordan would have been outstanding in baseball and not the joke he was in that sport. The “institutional racism” of baseball made the sport difficult for Michael Jordan. I mean, who did he think he was? GEORGE CLOONEY? Or some other superior white person? Because we all know that George Clooney could take a year off acting and become  a baseball super star. Why? BECAUSE HE’S WHITE, STUPID!

Need another example of Critical Race Theory racism? Look at POOR LITTLE LeBron James.

LeBron complains a lot, despite auto-correct in Word actually knowing to capitalize the B in LeBron. Now that’s white privilege. Try that with JaQuan and get those squiggly red lines underneath.

I’m guessing LeBron wishes that he were white. Because he chimes in on “Black” issues all the time. If he were white he would be forced to stop complaining, because he would more rich and more famous, right?

The same is true for Stephen Curry and all the other BLM ballers who struggle to survive in the white man’s world!

Oh, I’m not done, guilty white people! I have other black examples of underprivilege to share.

Like Usain Bolt?

How many more races could Usain have won IF HE HAD ONLY BEEN WHITE?! I bet Usain Bolt would have been FEARED on the track. Tragically however, he was born BLACK!

For those who think track is a Black man’s sport anyway, what about GOLF, Bitches?!

Had he been born white, Tiger Woods would have been the best golfer in history! Instead, Tiger Woods squandered his life, winning more tournaments in a year, than most golfer win in a lifetime. And so what he held all 4 majors trophies at the same time. If he were white, he would have held them longer, and maybe won more tournaments than any white man in history. But Woods wasted his career, all because of his BLACK DADDY EARL!!!

Oh, still not white enough? What about American presidents. That office has been dominated by white men.

Well, we finally got a (half) Black president. And he served TWO terms. Everybody knows if Obama were white, he could have served 10 terms as PRESIDENT! Still, look at how he did compared to the next white president.

Obama admitted he wasn’t ready to be president. Graduated from Harvard on Affirmative Action and won’t show his grades. Got ONE job offer after graduating from Harvard, and that offer came from a crook.

Obama had no money until a white man wrote a couple books for him. His claim to fame was being a failed community organizer who used bogus information to get a House seat. And then he used dirty tricks to unseal his Senate opponent’s dirty divorce records and unseat a rich white man.


Now let’s compare Obama’s history with that of Donald Trump.

Trump graduated from Wharton with good grades. He then borrowed a million dollars from his father, and built builds a multi-billion dollar business, and an iconic brand, then decided to run for president because he wanted to drain the swamp.

The outcome? Trump defeated Baby Black Jesus’ coup team to win the presidency against all odds. Then, performed like a rock star, only to “lose” his 2nd term. The institutional racism is what destroyed a WHITE BILLIONAIRE!

To understand Critical Race Theory even better, imagine this scenario:

A black man stands in the maternity ward, sobbing as he gazes upon his newborn child.

A white man enters, and walks over to look at his baby. But he can’t help but notice the Black man crying uncontrollably.

He says to the black man, “Are you alright?!”

The Black man looks up bloody-eyed and points to his newborn Black baby.

And the white man replies, “Ah man, you got a Black one!”

The two embrace; as the white man understands the plight of his Black brother. HE GOT A DEFECTIVE BABY!

Be sure to check out Part III.

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