The Politically-Incorrect Guide to Critical Race Theory – Part III

In Part III of my series examining Critical Race Theory, we wrap things up and provide CRT racism examples.

Consider the irony of privileged white people always telling black people how downtrodden we are. Looking down on an entire race of people with PITY!

People say Black people get “the talk”, when dealing with police. But the real “talk” is the demoralizing lessons Black CRT parents teach to their children from the from the moment we become sentient.

I know…”sentient” is an unusual word for a black man. But a white person told me how to use it. Fashizzle my nizzle.

If you believe in what is called Critical Race Theory, then when you look at Black people you see one of two things: (1) an OPPRESSED BLACK person or (2) a SELLOUT. Those are your two choices under CRT.

When you consider all the amazing Black success stories, to buy into CRT you must believe successful Black people to be anecdotal. How can successful Black people possibly exist under the oppressive system of capitalism in America?

Or the second option is you must believe these successful Blacks are the sellouts who capitulated to the man, and thus deny CRT’s existence.

But don’t dare discuss CRT critically.

That comes with peril. Because Critical Race theorists want no challenge to their insanity. Accept it or die.

I documented a few taboo topics in order to highlight the stupidity of Critical Race Theory. Take flying, for example.

I fly quite a bit. And on most flights, the patrons are white. So is the airline industry racist?

And what about paint? How much black paint is sold? Have you thought about that? I know for a fact that white paint outsells black paint by a LOT. Thus, Lowes and Home Depot are RACISTS for selling so much white paint.

I’m surprised the NAACP doesn’t call white hair racist. After all, black or brown hair is ultimately replaced by grey (white) hair, in what can only be considered follicle “gentrification”.

Monopoly is racist. It’s HIDDEN racism. Institutional even. Like, you KNOW black people didn’t live at Park Place or Boardwalk. Blacks lived right as you make the turn to collect $200. Baltic Avenue and Mediterranean. The entrance to skid row, headed straight to jail.

And why don’t Black people get a “diversity parking spot”?! And not at the JAIL! We shouldn’t have to brave skid row to get to FREE PARKING!

Leftists and their insanity

If Democrats cared about poor people, there would be no toll roads, and there would be no way to buy your way to the front of the line at Disney World.

Leftists are people who climb Mt. Everest with oxygen, then come back and sell their accomplishment. Meanwhile, the Sherpa who goes up year after year with NO oxygen is unheralded

When I’m asked about Leftism, I think of what a preacher says of a scoundrel he must eulogize. Dude hasn’t been to church in decades, was a bank robber who used to beat his baby mamas. But the pastor has to say something nice. Great example: Joe Biden.

As you consider Leftist ideology, consider how Leftists would look at a Victoria Secret model.

“Look at her boobs. You KNOW they aren’t real”.

“Look at that face. She thinks she’s beautiful…but nobody’s really beautiful, as beauty is an abstract term…she’s HIDEOUS!”

Comedian Mark Norman, talking about dating, and proposed a conversation with a feminist.  He said that he commented that Caitlyn Jenner is ugly. The feminist said, “No she’s not!”

He then said, “Yeah you look like her.”

The feminist replied, “F*ck you!”

In short, white people today are more whipped than the slaves of the Amistad. Grow a pair, white people! Denounce the racist ideology of Critical Race Theory.

If you missed Part I or Part II, catch up now!

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