The Politically-Incorrect Guide to Critical Race Theory – Part I

I know what you’re thinking. How did I get such amazing BIRTHING HIPS! I refer you to Jimmy the Greek for further clarification.

Admittedly, my hips are fantastic, but they don’t make me gay.

Out of curiosity, is anybody else reading this article NOT GAY?! Respond in the comment section, if you would like. For those who are reluctant to respond, you’re reading an article, not interviewing for a job. So it’s ok to answer the question. Frankly, the reason I ask is admitting you are NOT gay takes courage these days. I applaud those of you who answered right away.

Speaking of gay, I openly admit to believing I was once being trapped in a woman’s body. My MOTHER’S!

Sorry to disappoint any Leftists reading my work (on the downlow), but I’m ALL HETEROSEXUAL MALE. I am thoroughly, ergo completely redundantly masculine; toxically so. In fact, I’m SO MALE when I hear, “It’s that time of the month,” I think it’s time to pay bills!

I don’t get much coverage these days, even as a Black man. Sadly, I’m shadow-banned on just about all social media. Not enough intersectionality (victimhood) to get the coverage I would undoubtedly get if I were gay. Oh, and Leftist. Then I would be free to play a part in Critical Race Theory.

Critical Race Theory defined

Critical race theory is an idea that originated in universities and law schools under the name “critical theory”. Its supporters added “race” in the 1970s, clever scoundrels that they were.

The addition of RACE bastardized a 1930s European theory birthed by communist academics. They knew that RACE would SELL this nonsensical concept. Further, they knew that Blacks in America would readily buy the concept.

The communists of the time targeted Blacks due to our LEGITIMATE grievances. Because Blacks during this time were treated as second-class citizens. That treatment led to angst in the Black community. Thus, many Blacks succumbed to the communist ideology. They believed we would all be treated equally; that’s the lie communism proposes.

The objective of Critical Race Theory was to tear down, even erase the history of ideas that created Western culture. Particularly American Western culture.

America was too good for its own good, the communists believed. Too good to be true. So they put her to the test. For decades, America proved that capitalism and free markets work; moreover, Marxism and Communism fail.

Tenets of CRT reject ideas such as a “color-blindness” and even advancement based on meritocracy. Black people aren’t successful in America because they work hard and dismiss the noise of the Left. They succeed by pure luck.

In other words, CRT doesn’t value people by the content of their character, nor does CRT value hard work. Ibram X. Kendi wrote: “The language of color blindness … is a mask to hide racism.”

Unbelievably, CRT openly criticizes the Civil Rights movement; a movement that created millions of successful Blacks in America.

While CRT acknowledges the success of individual Blacks in America, ironically, it criticizes successful Blacks for joining the system. The theory puts Blacks in a no-win situation. CRT supporter Derrick Bell alludes that successful Blacks “are passing” as whites. Because being successful according to Bell, is succumbing to the white man’s orthodoxy.

We could try to ignore the inconsistencies and idiocy of the flawed concepts of CRT. However, we do so at our peril. Because CRT impacts all areas of society.

CRT demoralizes K-12 students. And if it hasn’t sunk in by the end of K-12, CRT attacks in college, polarizing higher ed students.

Post-college, CRT guilts working Americans and condones “cancel culture”. In the end, CRT stokes grievances with the purpose of creating victims.

A proponent of Critical Theory, Herbert Marcuse, famously wrote, “All liberation depends on the consciousness of servitude”. And like a cult, the CRT revolution enslaves the minds of the people who adopt it. And the concept is blatantly and unapologetically racist.

Read Part II to understand more about Critical Race Theory.


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