Biden Planned for Everything Except What Happened

Congratulations Democrats. In your recent coup, you replace one of the best presidents in history with a dolt.

Biden is dazed, obtuse, simpleminded, deficient, imbecilic, futile, puerile, and senseless. Ironically, those are his best qualities. And now we’ve seen this clown on the world stage, I have to wonder when the lot of you will do the world a favor and run into rush-hour traffic.

What more do you need to see?

Afghanistan represents Biden famously. Take America’s southern border. To understand what’s happening there, think “Afghanistan.”

When you consider that crime in almost every major city in America is escalating, think “Afghanistan.”. National debt. Afghanistan. Budget. Afghanistan. Racial division. Afghanistan.

Get the point?

If Obama gave America pneumonia, Biden gave America the plague.

Biden was forced from his dungeon to address Afghanistan, where he wore his mask with absolutely nobody near him. He gets to the podium, then unmasks. All for show.

In case you wonder why I bring this factoid to light? In a word, “Afghanistan.” All for show. Only the Afghanistan show is a shit-show.

In Biden’s statement about the situation in Afghanistan, the man claimed his team planned for all eventualities. Then, in the next breath he said they underestimated the tenacity of the Taliban. Ya think?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Biden seems to have forgotten at least ONE eventuality.

Worse however, Biden took a play out of Obama’s playbook and blamed everybody. “It was the BUTLER!”

Biden blamed the Afghani government and the Afghani fighters who lost 45,000 men defending their homeland. Apparently Captain Demento skipped a few chapters in “How to win friends and influence enemies.”

Why am I telling you what you already know? Because I want people to know that everything happening to Biden was predicted by me and millions of other Americans. Particularly the 80+ million who voted for Trump. And every one of us gets our comeuppance now as we watch Captain Demento drag the Democrats into deep water. Clearly, Biden is drowning his followers.

But let’s not laugh too hard just yet. Save some belly-aching laughter for what comes next.

It may be hard to believe, but Biden is not finished playing the fool. I suspect some people realize what’s happening, thus the media onslaught that is occurring. What I believe is happening is people are distancing themselves from the epicenter.

Is the 25th Amendment in Biden’s future? Likely not. But he might consider leaving to “spend more time with his family” before too long. After all, the presidency of the United States is difficult with full brain capacity.

Sadly for the Democrats, they may replace Biden with somebody far worse: Sista Girl. If you think Biden got butt-raped by the Taliban, wait until you see what those jihadis do to Kamala Harris. Let’s just hope that America-hating harlot doesn’t actually enjoy it.

As for Biden, let’s hope he can rally those 82 million supporters to save his sorry ass. From this vantage point, he may want to have Dominion speak with that formerly complicit media. Because they don’t seem to be circling the wagons.

Let’s see how good Biden performs at the next series of potential eventualities. I suspect he will be caught off guard again very soon.


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