China Caught Using FAKE Expert to Refute Wuflu Origin

Don’t be surprised to learn that Fauci funded this operation, as we learn that China fabricated an “expert.”

According to the South China Morning Post, several Chinese newspaper websites removed comments about the Wuflu pandemic supposedly “wrongly presented” as coming from a Swiss biologist. As it turns out, this biologist doesn’t exist.

Don’t think America’s crackhead media uncovered the fraud. Because to believe that, you would need to believe that America actually has a media.

The fake news media and social media Gestapo in this country partnered with the Chinese to perpetuate the fraud that the Wuflu didn’t originate in China. And they worked with the Chinese to nudge researchers, pundits, pollsters and the like in the “East” direction. America’s Leftists were all too happy to participate, creating a tsunami of pushback. And now we learn what I’ve said many times on my radio show: never trust Leftists “experts.”

The Swiss embassy in Beijing put the Chinese on blast in a tweet.

“Looking for Wilson Edwards, alleged [Swiss] biologist, cited in press and social media in China over the last several days. If you exist, we would like to meet you! But it’s more likely this is fake news, and we call on the Chinese press and netizens to take down the posts.”

At least the Swiss are willing to confront the Chinese. Because the Biden administration is China’s sock puppet, with Xi’s fist squarely up the ass of Joey Demento.

Look at the message from the Swiss and they prove their allegations.

A message inserted with the post was presented in English and Chinese. The message declared that no Swiss citizen named Wilson Edwards appeared on registries or academic articles from the biology field. Moreover, there is no academic record associated with Edwards.

Worse, the Swiss recognized the infantile attempt to credentialize their “expert,” as the Chinese opened his Facebook account on July 24 of this year.

The embassy mockingly commented about the attention, as they added they “must unfortunately inform the Chinese public that this news is false.”

“While we assume that the spreading of this story was done in good faith by the media and netizens, we kindly ask that anyone having published this story take it down and publish a corrigendum.”

Just to be clear, Facebook allowed an account of a fake biologist and propagandist to be created.

Although the references are now removed, understand how one of China’s media outlets, CGTN, the international branch of China’s state broadcaster used the information prior to removal. Now, ask yourself why Trump is still banned from Facebook. And so are we. In fact, without your support and involvement, conservative news, aka the truth, dies here. But I digress.

According to SCMP, an authenticated Facebook account of China’s People’s Daily newspaper still had an English language reference to an article from CGTN.

Meanwhile, Wilson was quoted as saying he and fellow researchers had faced pressure and intimidation from the US and some media outlets. This pressure was due to Wilson and his colleagues support of conclusions in a joint study by China and the Geneva-based World Health Organization on the origins of Covid-19.

Understand that this information is completely false. A production of the Chinese government. Authenticated however by Facebook and a complicit American media.

So as you consider the Wuflu scamdemic in other areas, keep this point in mind.

Origins of this disease is in Wuhan China. But how many people have been infected? Those numbers are lies. The number of deaths from Wuflu, lies. The “cures”, lies.

Sure the Wuflu exists and it can be deadly; just not in the numbers reported. And the far-reaching implications are even more sinister. However, this ruse has be used for the purposes of the Great Reset. A world that looks much like that of communist China.

What to do next?

How will America’s press handle the news that the Chinese fabricated an “expert”? Perhaps they will continue to narrative that we don’t need to know the origins of a disease that is supposedly a pandemic. A disease that America has spent over $6 trillion hyping?

Looks like the Chinese and WHO will need to revert to simply bribing their “experts.”

Don’t expect social media to make amends with all the people who recognized this scam and its origins. No, those Gestapo are protected by America’s new Third World communist dictatorship who perfected The Art of the Coup.

But The Kevin Jackson Network will continue to report on these stories, truthfully. And one day we will have our comeuppance.

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