Biden Admin Claims “Kill List” Doesn’t Exist

The Biden Administration gave the Taliban a list of names. The names belonged to US citizens and their allies in Afghanistan. A move so dumb, even Democrats are outraged.

Team Biden thought such a list could expedite evacuees from the area after the Taliban seized control of the capital city. However, common sense understands the implications of such a list. It’s basically a who’s who of who to kill next. We might as well paint a target on every U.S. citizen or ally over there. At least, that’s how the Taliban takes it.
The Pentagon already acknowledged such a list. But now, in some epic form of denial, Jake Sullivan (Biden’s National Security Advisor) claims this “kill list” doesn’t exist. Yet, Politico detailed responses to this magnanimous mistake.

“Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list,” said one defense official, who like others spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive topic. “It’s just appalling and shocking and makes you feel unclean.”

Unclean? Folks, there is only one reason that list would make someone feel unclean. Because it puts the blood of American soldiers, citizens, and allies on our own hands. How can Sullivan deny the atrocity?

Sullivan’s Side

The narrative presented by Jake Sullivan is a stark contrast to the truth.

In fact, here is what Sullivan said to Jake Trapper in a recent interview:
“Jake, we’ve aggressively, decisively disputed that report. We’ve given no list of all the American siv holders to the Taliban or any other kind of big list. What your viewers need to understand is that the way we are moving, thousands and thousands of Afghans at risk to the airport is asking them to muster, many of them on buses, bringing them to the airport. Then we work with the Taliban, group by group, bus by bus, to get them through the Taliban checkpoints and on to the airport compound. That is the type of coordination we’ve done with the Taliban. That has resulted in journals S, and women, and pilots, and other sivs to get out of the country. The idea that we’re handing some list to the Taliban is unfounded and inaccurate. We’re working with discreet groups of individuals to get them on to the airfield. That has allowed us to literally move thousands and tens of thousands of people through kabul to the airport and out of the country.”

As for the narrative, who’s lying?

In Politico’s version of the story, three “U.S. and congressional officials” detailed the events as they unfolded.
In other words, three sources say this story is true. Note that Jake Sullivan made clear in the clip in his second comment, that “to my knowledge”, the “Get out of Jail Free” card is used by most bureaucrats.
And while Jake Tapper is holding the Biden “administration’s” feet to the first somewhat, let’s imagine the questioning if Trump hadn’t been ousted in the coup.

First, take the number of people in Afghanistan.

If Trump were president, the media would be blasting Trump for not accounting for ALL  Americans in Afghanistan. They would be incredulous on the notion that the government can’t account for all its people.
Then, the media would hammer Trump on the the number of Americans trapped, as well as Afghani partners. I imagine we would see a counter of these people.
Of course, Americans would receive daily updates on the missing or dead.
Next, we would be told their tragic stories as some primetime update.
Finally, Hollywood would immediately begin making movies of these tragic stories to drive home the fact of Trump’s incompetence. And if Trump handled things like Biden, he would indeed be incompetent.
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