Last Chance Out: MISSLES Threaten US Citizens

According to the Department of Defense, the US intercepted at least five rockets with their missile defense system. Rockets that were aimed at people still trying to escape the nightmare is Afghanistan.

Retired Green Beret commander Lt. Col. Scott Mann says hundreds of Americans can’t get out. And he’s made it his personal mission to rescue them.

Mann already rescued more than 600 Americans alongside their allies and family members. His operation, known as Pineapple Express is made up of both veterans and civilians, all volunteers willing to put themselves in harm’s way to bring others to safety.

Too bad we don’t have a President that can stand as the backbone of such an operation. In fact, it is frustration with our President’s lack of capability that inspired these veterans to step in.

As the New York Post explains:

A group of highly trained US military veterans has been secretly rescuing hundreds of allied operatives from Afghanistan — volunteering over fears those allies would otherwise be left for dead, according to a report.

The weeklong secret operation dubbed “Pineapple Express” has been carried out by a group of special ops veterans including retired Green Berets and SEAL Team commanders, they told ABC News.

They were driven by deep frustration “that our own government didn’t do this,” former Navy SEAL Jason Redman told ABC.

“We did what we should do, as Americans,” he said.

They initially formed to rescue an ex-Afghan commando who was getting death threats from the Taliban for having worked with US special forces and elite SEAL Team Six, ABC said.

After the Taliban’s target and his family of six were rescued, the task force continued rescuing Afghan allies — and has so far helped at least 630 get through the deadly ring of steel outside Kabul airport to safely evacuate.

The logistics of such an operation are astounding!

They normally smuggled people into the airport in the middle of the night, either one person at a time or in pairs.

“That is an astounding number for an organization that was only assembled days before the start of operations and most of its members had never met each other in person,” former Green Beret Capt. Zac Lois told ABC.

The group dodged heavily militarized Taliban checkpoints to smuggle people through to the airport, using images of pineapples on their phones to show those being brought in that they were on their side.

The tropical fruit was also used as a final password — since changed — that was given to US military members at the airport who were working unofficially in tandem with the heroic veterans, ABC said.

They defied deadly chaos that one member compared to scenes worthy of a Jason Bourne flick happening every 10 minutes.

“I just want to get my people out,” Maj. Jim Gant, a retired Green Beret who ABC said has been dubbed “Lawrence of Afghanistan,” told the network of the daring operation.

It’s absolutely incredible to witness both the skills and leadership abilities this group of heroes clearly possesses.

Watch as Lt. Col. Mann demonstrates what it takes to be a true leader.

Think Biden would put himself in the middle of such an undertaking? Don’t answer that, because the resounding NO is quite the embarrassment.

Already, the frequency of evacuation flights has slowed. Some say it’s virtually ended. I’d like to know what the White House has to say about that! They’ve released a statement claiming to have rescued thousands. But I believe there are thousands more, stranded, afraid their next move might be their last.

Fox News adds:

White House official said Monday that around 1,200 people have been evacuated from Kabul between 3 a.m. ET Sunday and the same time this morning.

The evacuees fled Afghanistan on 26 U.S. military and two coalition flights.

Since Aug. 14, the U.S. has now evacuated or facilitated the evacuation of around 116,700 people, the official added.

But that’s not enough. That’s not nearly enough. Because a C-17 brought home thirteen of America’s bravest. And we won’t ever forget the President that lead to their demise.


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