Trump Comparison to Biden in Aghanistan

Democrats would never admit this publicly, but they wish Trump were still president. Not for the long haul; but just for enough time to keep Biden from committing his current monumental f*ck up.

In the words of Joey Demento on Obamacare, “This is a fu’ing big deal”. And like with Obamacare, the long-range implications will cost America trillions more dollars and likely thousands more lives. Oh, and Democrats votes.

Everybody on the planet knows that Trump would have made America’s departure from Afghanistan uneventful. This fact has Democrats in a pickle.

No country in the world would dare mess with America while we were removing our people, allies, and equipment if Trump were president. However, with Captain Blunder at the helm, the Taliban took a page out of the Democrats’ playbook: let no crisis go to waste.

Trump issued a May 1, 2021 deadline. Had it not been for the coup and any Leftist interference (yeah right!), Trump would have flown dispatched Secretary of State Pompeo to meet with all our NATO allies to explain how and when things would be done, so they were adequately prepared to act. Instead, Biden acted unilaterally. Thus, almost all our partners have sent in special forces to rescue their citizens.

I heard that along with leaving at least $80 billion in military equipment, we also left vital intelligence. How could the CIA not execute the procedure to scuttle their operations?

This is a national security breach of cataclysmic proportions.

Biden’s team has been asked how many Americans are in Afghanistan. And they have yet to give a solid answer. I’d like to believe they consider the number a matter of national security. After all, you can’t tell the Taliban how many more hostages they can take. But Biden did provide the famed “Kill List.” 

Still, part of me believes the Biden administration doesn’t actually know how many Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan.

As for our Afghani allies, one man claimed that the State Department has biometrics of all of them. And he wonders why they are being treated like second-class citizens. In a word: Biden.

People ask me on my radio show, “How do you think Trump would have handled the pull out of Afghanistan?” I tell them, he would have been golfing.

Because the situation would be smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy. “Don’t believe me just watch!” The current situation never would have happened under Trump. Period.

It’s rare to witness such a contrast of approaches. Biden’s tuck-tail-and-run strategy, versus Trump’s showcase of American might. Trump would never have made America look so anemic. On the other hand, Biden currently kisses the asses of the Taliban, while still dealing with the fallout of bombings.

Who knows how many people will die as a result of The Big Cheat; the coup. But the blood stains mark the hands of Biden at this point. And now people are asking how long Biden will last.

Where will this end?

People speculate on a multitude of endings. None of them are good for Biden, America, or the world. Is this Biden’s waterloo? Some suggest so. If Trump is smart, he will ride this wave right back into the White House. If Republicans are smart, they will ride the wave to control both the House and the Senate.

If Americans who voted for Trump are smart (and we are), we will never let Democrats live this down.


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