Arizona’s Surprising Election Recount Results

In case Conservatives still wonder if elections will be free and fair going forward, we may have gotten our answer.

Arizona’s recount revealed no irregularities. A statistical impossibility. Thus one can only wonder what the hell we must do to stop cheating.

I saw the report on one of Arizona’s main news channels. And the results were shocking, particularly since we know the Democrats cheated.

Cyber Ninjas was the firm hired by the Senate to  confirm or dispute official results that Joe Biden outpolled Donald Trump in Maricopa County in 2020 by enough to win the state’s 11 electoral votes. They had no experience in elections, and one has to wonder who got to them.

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Joey Demento did not win Arizona.

Yet, Democrats did what it took to make sure that we will never know the real results of this or any other election from the 2020 Presidential Election.

So much evidence exists to refute any findings by Cyber Ninjas or anybody else, that a recount wasn’t needed. Democrats know with 100 percent certainty that Biden didn’t get 82 million votes nationally or enough votes to beat Trump in any battleground state.

As of this writing, no website has published the results of the election. But the results will be offered soon, and you can expect Democrats to crow. That’s because Democrats never care about truth. They only wish to protect their lies and fake narratives.

Luckily the story broke late Thursday night.

But that won’t stop Democrats from trying to get the story to dominate the media cycle. Regardless, Conservatives should remain strong, despite these unbelievable results. Because Biden will be Biden. And that means Democrats will have a lot to be weary about.

Afghanistan hostages for one. And what about Biden’s economy? That’s not going away, because winter is coming. Higher fuel prices, inflation, and the dreaded Wuflu.

Those are but a few issues that will have us spiking the football soon.

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