Biden’s Latest Idiotic Comment

Ok Democrats, let’s stop playing games. Put Joey Demento out to pasture.

Watch this video and tell me why Democrats cheated to get him in office?

A Biden presidency is the cruelest of jokes on mankind.

Biden’s presidency reminds me of elites playing a real life Squid Game. These elitists got together and joked that they were so powerful, they could put a braindead moron in office.

Where do I start on Biden’s comment?

“I’d ride every day, I commuted [on Amtrak] every single day for 36 years as Pres, Vice President of the United States after my wife and daughter were killed, I went home to see my family, never stopped.”

First, the run-on sentence. Dude…take a breath! It’s like Biden’s brain is so jumbled, he had to keep rambling less he forget what he wanted to lie about. Perhaps if we knew where the sentences ended, we could provide a more thorough response. For now, we must guess at where to put commas and semicolons.

Next, does Biden really think he rode Amtrak every day to work? Biden is too stupid not to use absolutes. Every single day.

And what about that timeline?

36 years as “Pres, Vice President of the United states”. That’s a long time to be a VP. Particularly given the constitutional limit of 8 YEARS! But this moron thinks he served four and a half terms.

I bet it felt like that to Obama, having Biden as his VP.

Moving on, when exactly did Biden’s first wife commit suicide? Answer: well before Captain Demented was VP.

Dec 18, 1972 is the date Biden’s wife and daughter were tragically struck and killed by a large truck while crossing an intersection. So this was decades before the hapless clown became VP and started riding Amtrak.

While on Amtrak, Biden concocted a story where he blamed a truck driver for his wife’s death. Biden claimed that the trucker was driving drunk. The story has been debunked, like most Biden lies. Sadly, the driver of the truck says Biden ruined his life with false accusations.

In truth, Biden’s wife committed suicide and tried to take out all the kids. After evaluating life with Joe or death, his former wife chose death.

Finally, Biden apparently still communes with his dead wife.

I wonder what they talk about? His catting around with the newly minted “Dr. Jill” Biden? Or how Biden built his political career on nothing but lies? Perhaps she’s just there to remind him what his name is.




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