Check Out these Gen-Z Work DEMANDS

Generation Z offers America a sad glimpse into the future. The generation that has benefitted like no other, appears to be squandering their opportunity.

The Daily Mail reported on the work habits and demands of Generation Z workers. And it isn’t good.

Generation Z workers are terrifying their millennial bosses with a series of woke and entitled demands, including that their companies support BLM, provide paid time off for ‘anxiety’ and telling the CEOs to do the assignments themselves.

These newest additions to the workforce have left many of their not-much-older supervisors shaking their heads or infuriated before caving in to avoid social media shaming by the web-savvy ‘dot-com kids.’

‘When I was entering the workforce I would not have delegated to my boss. Gen Z doesn’t hesitate to do that,’ said Polly Rodriguez, 34, the CEO of sexual wellness company Unbound, one of many CEOs who aired their grievances to the New York Times.

‘Some young former employees are much more willing to burn bridges.

‘To me it’s shortsighted. Is it worth the social clout of getting gratification on social media but then trashing someone who could continue to help you professionally?’

By 2025, members of Generation Z – those born between 1997 and 2021 – will make up 27 percent of the global workforce, predicts the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

How many guesses do you need to pinpoint who created these self-indulgent miscreants?

And as the article suggests, this shallow end of the gene pool will make up a big swath of the global workforce. Correction: “welfareforce.” Because these kids don’t know work.

It’s no big secret that the success of any organization is dependent upon the success of it’s workforce. But Social Media’s infiltration into the workforce keeps growing deeper and deeper. Researchers now say digital literacy and internet connectivity are integral skills of both employees and companies as a whole. So what happens when we’re relying on morons to know where to draw the line?

There are actually lists floating around the internet that list the “biggest internet blunders made by millennials at work.” Often, the result was (in the famous words of Donald Trump): “You’re Fired!”

The top offenders include:

    • Photos of partying a little too hard with alcohol.
    • Complaining about work, or your boss.
    • Posting photos from your “sick day.”
    • Making fun of clients/co-workers/customers, or worst of all, the boss!
    • Bragging about promotions or contracts before they’re set in stone.
    • Divulging company secrets. (Like what’s in the special sauce.)
    • Accidentally posting on your company’s feed instead of your own.

It’s sad that these aren’t just common sense rules no one has to be told. But in this day and age, you have to tell people when to wind their ass or scratch their watch. It’s no wonder that we have 1.8 million people currently turning down jobs to collect unemployment.

Trust me when I say that social media will be the bane of this generation’s existence. They post all their dirt for the world to see in feeble hopes of going viral. And they don’t possess an iota of tact. Not the best combination for someone seeking success.


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