Two RINO Relics Quit Fox News

I remember when I was young and dumb and respected people like George Will and Bill Kristol. It just goes to show how little we pay attention at times.

Having grown my wings politically, I now realize just how stupid I was to blindly accept the aforementioned RINOs as actual Republicans. Actually, with a much better understanding of politics and my own political acumen, I see these clowns for what they really are.

Such is the case for Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes.

At the Republican convention in 2016, I watched as Kristol and Hayes plotted against Trump. The two were apoplectic about Trump’s nomination. And they, along with Charles Krauthammer, openly showed their disdain for Trump.

At another event, I watched Goldberg attempt to torch Trump as “unpresidential.” I recall thinking at the time, “I didn’t realize how badly he hates Trump.”

I now realize what all these people have in common: an air of superiority.

Now we learn that Goldberg and Hayes have resigned from Fox News, supposedly in protest over Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge special about the events of Jan. 6. These two RINOs call Carlson’s show “dangerous” and “revisionist history.”

Tucker Carlson responded by saying, [pp] “I didn’t know they were still at Fox News.”

Neither did I, Tucker.

Hayes, Goldberg, Karl Rove, and others represent the relics of the Republican Party.

And for the record, anybody who believes that Trump people had anything to do with Jan 6 are part of the problem. Such is the case for most of the anti-Trumpers.

Goldberg, formerly at National Review, and Hayes, formerly at The Weekly Standard, were part of a group of Never-Trumpers and Trump-skeptics who founded another periodical that I won’t mention. I’m not giving these clowns any press.

Mediaite wrote:

They have carved out a unique niche for themselves in a conservative media world still rocking from the seismic impact of former President Donald Trump’s surprise success in the 2016 Republican presidential primary, even more shocking victory in the general election, and continued influence over a wide swath of the GOP voter base.

LOL. They carved out a “unique niche”? Sure, if Leftism represents a unique niche.

Unlike my firing from Fox News, the loss of Goldberg and Hayes will not be missed. Their interviews had all the panache of studying sloths. Thus, I say “Good riddance!”

Nobody watched Fox News to get Goldberg’s or Hayes’ takes on anything. So trust me, they won’t be missed.

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