CNN Questions Biden’s Brain Function

Americans realize why I call Biden, “Joey Demento”. The man showcases either his dementia or his idiocy with each public appearance.

Leftists can admit that if Biden were a Republican, they would ridicule him endlessly. Since they won’t, I will.

Buyer’s remorse is what the handful of actual Biden voters feel. The other Democrats who are happy about The Big Cheat feel the same.

Even CNN recognizes that Biden has sh*t for brains, as they discuss Biden’s 20 minute interview with ABC’s David Muir.

During the segment, Biden attempted to defend his response to the scamdemic, as he addressed complaints that people in New York were waiting in line for five hours to receive a Wuflu test.

Biden repeatedly referred to the 500 million at-home tests that had been ordered as “pills”. The old clown confused the test with the new Pfizer drug that the FDA approved on the same day.

“Of course, pills were in the news today with the Pfizer approval of the anti-viral, so he corrected himself,. But that was one thing that stuck out to me.” Zeleny added.

Earlier last week, a reporter asked Biden how the administration had failed to see Omicron coming. Biden laughed:

“How did we get it wrong?” the president responded.

“Nobody saw it coming. Nobody in the whole world. Who saw it coming?”

Interesting that Biden’s healthcare mouthpiece, Fauci the Fraud continually warns us about “variants”, yet they didn’t see this one coming?

But what’s most disturbing is the hoopla over the new Omicron-xi variant. It’s more communicable, but far less deadly…THAN THE COMMON COLD.

Yet, Biden restricted travel from multiple African countries. Where are the calls of racism in that?

After all, South Africa admitted to being the epicenter. Yet, they declared that Omicron wasn’t very deadly. Also, more data was available in many other countries that validated South Africa’s findings. Still, Biden restricted travel for some Africans to the U.S.

As with all things Biden, this too has turned to “turd”.

The fool wants half a billion test kits for a virus that as of this writing has NO American casualties. Ironically, the tests are likely as effective as flipping a coin.

Next, he now touts a new pill that will solve all our problems. Well if it does, then why the unconstitutional and illegal mandates?

The media will continue to question Biden, and its long overdue. Biden must be held to task for his insanity. CNN merely joins a party that started when Biden declared for the presidency.

Now that Biden has a track record, expect many current Leftists to become former Democrats. Because as I’ve said many times, things won’t get better for Biden or Democrats.


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