Jussie Smollett’s Trial of Lies Revealed

I must admit, I love the Jussie Smollett trial. The gay black man is not on trial near as much as Leftism is on trial.

Smollett is the poster child for Leftism. Staging an attack for personal gain, while blaming people to fit a narrative. Conservatives couldn’t concoct a better situation if you gave us 1000 years.

So where are we in the trial?

A detective who interviewed Jussie Smollett about an alleged hate crime attack explained how Smollett cracked.

Detective Robert Graves testified  that Smollett changed part of his story after he realized two people he knew — the Osundairo brothers — were in custody.

Before I continue, understand that as stupid as Leftists are, they believe themselves to be smart. Like all Leftists, Smollett didn’t play his scenario out to its logical conclusion. He figured the police would bite on the “hate crime” bullsh*t, and those dumb cops would be part of his career-building ploy.

But Smollett learned quickly that detectives know their craft.

Graves said that Smollett initially described one of his attackers as white. However, about two weeks later when he came in for another police interview, he told Detective Robert Graves the attacker was “pale-skinned.”

How many pale-skinned Jamaicans do you know? Yeah, I know; and you aren’t even a detective.

Clearly, Smollett got the word that the 3,000 hours of investigative work where Chicago PD had video footage, cell phone records, etc led them to his accomplices. Chicago PD had taken the Osundairo brothers into custody for the crime, Graves said.

To his credit, Smollett tried to keep up the ruse, telling the police he felt the two Jamaicans were innocent.

“He said it can’t be them,” Graves said quoting Smollett as saying the brothers’ complexions were too dark.

Once Smollett knew that his story wasn’t selling, he agreed to sign a complaint against the brothers. At this point Smollett’s attorney stopped him, according to Graves.

I’m no legal beagle, however I think I know why Smollett’s attorney stopped him. Because he knew his client was guilty. Signing that complaint would likely be another crime.

I wrote about this story the other day, and still wonder how this case has gone to trial. Then again, I remember that Smollett is a Democrat and avowed Leftist. Thus, he will try to sell this lie to the bitter end.

I haven’t seen any video of the trial, but understand that Smollett sits in court over a case that he knows he can’t win. There exists irrefutable proof that Smollett lied about this crime. Still he fights to prove his “innocence”? This behavior is bizarre. However it can be understood when viewed through the psyche-glasses of Leftism.

Smollett lied for “the greater good.” So what he wasn’t actually attacked by two Trump-loving rednecks. It’s the idea that he could have been.

Detective Kimberly Murray

Tuesday’s first witness was Chicago police Detective Kimberly Murray. She provide lengthy and at times tense testimony. She interviewed the former “Empire” actor at Northwestern Memorial Hospital a few hours after the alleged attack.

According to Murray, Smollett told her he was trying to get back to the lobby of his building when he heard one of his attackers say, “Empire!” Next, he used homophobic and racial slurs towards Smollett.

Smollett claimed that he replied, “What the (expletive) did you say to me?”

Sure, because gay black men will defend their honor against two redneck Trump supporters under all circumstances. Further, because two redneck Trump supporters were in the know about Empire in the first place.

Smollett then added the cherry on top to this part of the lie, saying that one of the attackers responded, “This is MAGA country, (racial epithet)!”

At this point I guess Smollett supposedly sissy-fought the two MAGA boys. But they got the best of him. They placed a rope around his neck like a noose, dumped some Clorox, and then fled. So said Smollett. Unfortunately, you can’t get an Oscar for a court appearance.

The Brothers

Last up for the prosecution was the brothers who did Smollett’s dirty work. After they testified to the plan, the prosecution’s case was wrapped up nice with a Christmas bow on top.

As CNN reported, “Ola Osundairo told jurors that Smollett “had this crazy idea of having two MAGA supporters attack him,” and that he wanted “to put that on social media.””

Next up is Smollett’s defense, but they might as well call in sick and go fishing. Because this case isn’t going in their favor.




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