Why Tennis Player Djokovic is so Important to Politics of COVID

The number one tennis player in the world just wants to play his sport. So when the Draconian mandate came for vaccinations, he got an exemption.

Because Australia now symbolizes the new Nazi Germany, when Djokovic entered the country, they detained him. Essentially Australia said, “To hell with Djokovic’s human rights”, since they want everybody vaccinated whether they want it or need it.

Djokovic hired an attorney, and won his case.

Before I continue, understand that what Djokovic and other sports figures have done for decades without interruption has been thwarted over a scam of epic proportions.

Why can’t Djokovic and others just play their sports and go home? Because Australian “authorities” say that Djokovic might be sick. And a mandated shot that we all know doesn’t work would make Djokovic acceptable.

In the latest news, Djokovic won his case to stay in Australia. However, it was by his father that Djokovic has been arrested.

More details on the story come from Sky News:

The father of Novak Djokovic has told Sky News reporter Milena Veselinovic that his son is being “arrested” by the Australian Federal government.

Sky News has contacted Djokovic’s Melbourne counsel to confirm these claims.

There is confusion over the exact situation however, as his brother Djordje Djokovic told Serbian local media that the tennis champion is currently with his lawyers.

The family has allegedly received information that the Australian authorities want to detain him.

Why is this story a big deal?

If Djokovic was arrested, the Australians will have made a huge mistake. Even without the arrest, this story looks bad for the country.

The fact that a man playing a gentile sport is being treated like a pariah has garnered attention worldwide. THAT is what makes this a big story.

The fact that Djokovic is not vaccinated and will not get vaccinated is big. The man is an international star, and not a thug. His very demeanor shows that even the least confrontational people are at risk, when they buck the authorities.

But this story highlights another key point: even the least confrontational people will fight back when pushed.

Australia is the new Hitlerian-ruled Germany. Simple as that.


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