AOC Taking a BREAK from Social Media

She Can't Take the HEAT

AOC, aka bartender-turned-Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is said to be taking a break from social media.

Apparently this is a self-imposed exile. And according to the NY Democrats, she’s doing so due to the amount of negativity on the various platforms.

The irony of course is that AOC is one of the reasons for negativity on the platform. But the hiatus may be short-lived, as AOC can’t get enough of the attention her stupidity generates. So when asked when she might return,  the 32-year-old Rep. responded via Instagram, saying that she turned off social media while convalescing from Wuflu.

“…I found that when I went to open Twitter up again, it just like wasn’t making me feel. So I mean literally I would go to open the app and almost felt like anxious. People kinda fight and gossip and all sort of stuff so much. And there is a lot of negativity on there.”

Spoken like a true intellect. Clearly, AOC represents her, like people kinda like really good.

What will Republicans do if we don’t have AOC to kick around on Twitter? As for me, having been banned from Twitter, I will have to vent my sexual frustrations elsewhere.

What is that site where I can see AOC’s boyfriend’s feet?

Frankly, I love watching Democrats implode. Clearly AOC is frustrated at the state of her party. These clowns may fool their constituents, but they don’t feel me.

You can bet that daily these Democrats see the error of their ways. They wake up to the reality of their policies, and cringe at themselves.

Consider that recently AOC and her boyfriend visited the free state of Florida, fleeing from her own Nazi-occupied state of New York. She longed for the freedom from masks and the dumb a-holes who voted for her. How long can one defend insanity?

So AOC took refuge in Governor DeSantis’ state, rather than stay in the zombie-occupied state of New York.

AOC promises to be back. And I can’t wait. Because she will do more to help Republicans in the midterms than Hunter Biden.

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